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Construction Starts on U.S.’s First Commercial Carbon Capture and Manufacturing Plant

September 30, 2013

Skyonic Corp. of Austin, Texas, has just broken ground on a new facility in San Antonio that is designed to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) and other emissions from a cement factory and produce chemical products to be sold commercially. Called Capitol SkyMine, the new plant will be “the first commercial-scale facility of its kind that offers a way for emitters to deal with their CO2 and SOx-NOx emissions and do so profitably instead of as a cost,” I was told by Stacy MacDiarmid, communications director for the company.

The Capitol SkyMine facility is being retrofitted onto the 65-year-old Capitol Aggregates Cement Plant owned by owned by Zachry Corp., a construction and materials company in San Antonio. Although the new carbon capture plant is the first of its kind to be built at commercial scale, MacDiarmid told me “we’ve already run a few small-scale pilots.” Read More