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Connecticut’s $18 Million Pilot Program Will Test the Microgrid Concept at Nine Sites

September 16, 2013

ID-100110055pilot program announced by Connecticut’s state government will demonstrate a cluster of microgrid technologies that could help communities, businesses, and institutions keep the lights on during extreme weather events. Projects like these could advance the markets for related technologies such as renewable power generation, combined heat and power systems (CHP), small-scale diesel and natural gas generators, fuel cells, storage, and smart grid systems.

State officials in Connecticut announced in July that the state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) has awarded $18 million to nine microgrid demonstration projects. In unveiling the program, Governor Dan Malloy, quoted in a DEEP announcement, said that microgrids “play a major role in our efforts to modernize and harden our infrastructure to withstand severe weather” and that the funded projects “will help protect residents and vital public services even when the power goes out, and in doing so allow us to provide critical services during times of emergency.” Malloy also said he is recommending that another $30 million be invested in the state’s microgrid program over the next two years.  Read More