Recycling Machine processes domestic light bulbs.

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Complying with EU and USA environmental and recycling standards, reVend® Reverse Vending Recycling Machine provides automated collection and recycling of domestic light bulbs, including incandescent, CFL, and LED bulbs. Automated soft drop system lowers light bulbs into special collection container, while internal mercury fume extractor and filter absorbs/removes any escaped mercury fumes. With optional add-on unit, system can also collect and recycle domestic batteries.

Original Press Release:

World's First Light Bulb Recycling Machine Launched

REVEND RECYCLING LIMITED, a UK corporation, announces today the launch of an innovative reverse vending recycling machine for the collection and recycling of domestic light bulbs and domestic batteries.

The patented reVend® reverse vending recycling machine is the "FIRST" domestic light bulb reverse vending recycling machine of its type in the World and has been jointly designed and developed by Revend Recycling Ltd and Repant ASA, a corporation listed on the Norwegian Stock Exchange.

The light bulb recycling machine has an add-on unit, as an option, for the collection and recycling of domestic batteries which contain valuable and scarce natural mineral resources.

Increased demand for recycling light bulbs and the international change over to
CFL (long life - low energy) and LED domestic light bulbs and the recycling of domestic batteries is a key environment policy for all Governments, the EU Commission and the United Nations.

Recycling rates in the domestic lighting industry is in "sharp focus" internationally as significant waste tonnage amounts remain untreated and unprocessed. Used light bulbs frequently end up in "landfill" sites at considerable environmental and financial cost.

The new range of light bulb recycling machines from Revend® will help to increase national recycling rates and assist companies and organisations comply with their recycling targets and environmental recycling obligations.

Revend Recycling will sell & market unique reverse vending recycling machines throughout Europe, USA & worldwide under its brand name Revend®.

Repant will manufacture /assemble the recycling machines based on its innovative COSMOS reverse vending recycling machine technology.

FEATURES of the light bulb reverse vending recycling machine are:

o Safety is paramount in design and functionality.

o Automated safe collection and recycling of domestic light bulbs, including incandescent bulbs; CFL light bulbs (which contain mercury - a hazardous waste) & LED light bulbs.

o Battery Collection unit available as an 'add-on' extra.

o Unique in-built technology safely recycles light bulbs containing mercury and other hazardous materials.

o Automated soft drop system safely collects and lowers light bulbs into a special collection container, minimising breakages.

o An internal mercury fume extractor and mercury fume filter absorbs / removes any escaped mercury fumes.

o It is a 'stand alone' machine similar in size to a vending machine.

o User automatically receives a reward incentive voucher which can be used for product discounts and sales incentives.

o Staff do not need to touch the 'potentially harmful' recycled light bulbs when removing from the recycling bin.

o Unique technology facilitates the compiling of auditable statistics on bulb types by manufacturer and volumes recycled.

o Includes a TV screen for Digital Media Advertising and environmental messages.

o Display cabinet provides scope for advertising and corporate / product branding.

o User friendly LED touch screen menu includes option for numerous languages.

o Opportunity to donate rewards to Charity.

o Database is updated regularly via telemetry from anywhere in the world by authorised users.

o Automatically sends text or email when secure light bulb storage container is nearly full and needs emptying.

o Complies with EU and USA environmental and recycling standards.

Revend Recycling recently concluded a supply agreement with IKEA of Sweden, a leading international retailer, and will install a significant number of machines in several IKEA stores throughout Europe, including the UK, Germany, & Denmark.

Revend Recycling pioneered the supply agreement with IKEA following a successful "pilot" installation in IKEA, Lakeside Shopping Centre near London, UK.

IKEA is the first to install the unique light bulb reverse vending recycling technology in its stores starting with IKEA Wembley and IKEA Wednesbury, West Midlands.

Customers of IKEA who recycle used light bulbs will automatically receive a reward incentive voucher to use in-store and also have the option to make a donation to Charity - UNICEF; Save the Children; WWF and the Woodland Trust

A major sales and PR marketing campaign internationally has been launched to promote the unique light bulb recycling machine and battery collection unit.

Revend Recycling would be pleased to hear from companies interested in distributing its new reVend® reverse vending light bulb recycling technology.

Please contact Revend Recycling if you need further information.


Revend Recycling, UK is the first company to successfully introduce & install reverse vending recycling machines for domestic light bulbs and batteries in the World.

The "First in the World" domestic light bulb reverse vending recycling machines have already been installed in the UK in IKEA Wembley and IKEA Wednesbury, near Birmingham,
West Midlands.

reVend® is its brand name for reverse vending recycling machines of used domestic light bulbs and batteries and used beverage containers. Reverse vending recycling of used beverage containers - cans and bottles - is already well established in Europe and worldwide.

Further details available on and


Repant, Norway delivers reverse vending systems for authorized types of returnable deposits. The systems include reverse vending machines for returnables, liquidity systems for management of revenues from deposits, maintenance systems and logistical systems for management of returnable deposits.

The reverse vending machines generate efficient recycling of returnable deposits. The products are designed with an emphasis on making recycling easy for the end-user and cost effective for customers.


IKEA, Sweden is a world renown and leading international retail corporation. IKEA is a privately owned, international home products company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture such as beds and desks, appliances and home accessories.

The company is the world's largest furniture retailer and opened its first store in 1958 in Almhut, Sweden and now has over 300 stores in 35 Countries worldwide. Turnover in 2011 is 26 Billion Euros excluding sales taxes.

It has 600 million visitors to its stores from Sweden to the World and its mission is "providing affordable solutions for better living".

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