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Propane Fuel Cell System provides 12 Kwhs of power per day.

Press Release Summary:

Delivering 500 W, SiriusPower 500w is outdoor-ready for providing off-grid and grid-backup power for both leisure and industrial applications. Solid oxide propane fuel cell generator recharges 24 V lead acid or lithium battery management systems, typically over 400 Ah. Measuring 16 x 18 x 14 in. and weighing 65 lb, system is suitable for powering surveillance cameras, oil and gas pump/compressor/corrosion systems, telecom stations, and ground sensors as well as sailboats, cabins, and RVs.

Original Press Release:

Sirius Integrator Announces the SiriusPower 500w Propane Fuel Cell System

DEVENS, Mass., -- Sirius Integrator becomes North America's reseller and integrator of New Enerday's 500 watt solid oxide propane fuel cell generator battery recharger.  Later in 2013 the natural gas fuel cell model will be also available.  Sirius Integrator has been reselling and integrating EFOY Pro direct methanol fuel cells in North America for over four years and has hundreds of deployments across over ten vertical markets.

The new SiriusPower 500w, a New Enerday German manufactured propane fuel cell, is outdoor ready for providing off-grid and grid-backup power for both leisure and industrial applications.  Leisure applications include power for sailboats, cabins, and recreational vehicles (RV).  Industrial off-grid applications include powering surveillance cameras, emergency management, oil & gas pump/compressor/corrosion systems, traffic management, telecom stations, ground sensors, radio repeaters, radar & lidar, workboat, military support, weather and seismic configurations.  We keep off-grid systems running unattended for long periods of time.  The SiriusPower 500w reduces costly and dangerous site visits, uses less fuel, and is ready for use in harsh environments with even a snow snorkel option for regions with high snowfall.  Benefits include reduced noise, pollution, maintenance, and carbon taxes compared to traditional generators.  Federal and state fuel cell tax credits could also partially subsidize the purchase of these new power generators. 

The SiriusPower 500w, 24v battery charger is; portable, lightweight, quiet, green, and the most efficient local propane based fuel cell generator on the market. At partial load the fuel cell uses even less propane and has a longer life.  The fuel cell weighs only 65lbs with compact dimensions of 16"L x 18"W x 14"H.   It provides up to 12 kwhs of power per day, has the best warranty available and recharges larger 24v lead acid or lithium battery management systems, typically over 400ah.  We uniquely hybrid 40w-80w thin solar, LICs, and 12w-100w Wind Turbines into our remote configurations as range extenders to reduce fuel use and increase time between site visits.

Sirius Integrator provides the best service, strongest fuel cell warranty, and also provides off-grid power customers with a secure remote management portal option for all of their field deployed fuel cells.  Proactive alerts make possible 'always-on' energy that in turn equates to lower TCO and higher reliability across all industrial applications.  

See the SiriusPower 500w Propane Fuel Cell at  for more information and pricing.

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