Non-Toxic Rechargeable Battery can replace lead acid batteries.

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Made with fully recyclable materials, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries employ non-toxic, natural mineral and lack any poisonous chemicals or heavy metals. Prismatic cells offer longevity with 8–10 year life and 3-year shelf life, and batteries are rated for 3,000+ cycles. With power rating of 4.5 kW/L, 12 V 7 Ah LFP battery can run 25 A load for 12 min and pulse discharge up to 40 A for 2 sec or less. Batteries can also serve as modular building block for larger systems.

Original Press Release:

Cell-Con Offers 'Green' LiFePO4 Batteries, Helping OEM's Replace Toxic Lead Acid

Exton, PA – Cell-Con, Inc. As part of Cell-Con’s green initiative, the company will begin promoting a non-toxic rechargeable battery, catering to specific markets ready for a drop-in replacement alternative. The Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries replace the highly toxic and commonly used lead acid batteries.

Cell-Con is a supporting member of A non-profit, dedicated to recycling rechargeable batteries. “Although recycling is a great way help reduce the harmful effects of chemicals, we want to promote a environmentally safe solution from the start. A longer lasting, more powerful, safer and cleaner alternative that many markets can take advantage of now, with very little effort,” commented Brian Piper, Director of Marketing for Cell-Con, Inc.

Applications currently most suited to take advantage of the LiFePO4, drop-in replacement battery are: Medical Beds, Lifts, UPS Systems, Telecom Towers, Data Centers, Security Camera & Lights Backup Systems.

As an alternative to the much heavier lead-based batteries, the LIFePO4 batteries contain no heavy metals and are a non-toxic, natural mineral. They are made with materials that are fully recyclable and lacking in the poisonous chemicals present in other batteries. This is in stark contrast to lead acid and lithium ion batteries, which are unstable, heavy and filled with toxic chemicals.

Although lead acid batteries are lower in up-front cost, the prismatic cells of LiFePO4 batteries make up for the difference in longevity.

LiFePO4 batteries have an 8-10 year life with a three-year shelf life, while sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries have a 2-3 year life with a one-year shelf life.

Other advantages of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries versus SLA batteries:

• LiFePO4 batteries can be deployed as direct drop-in lead acid replacements or as the modular building block for larger systems.

• LiFePO4 batteries cause virtually zero self-discharge, batteries are still good and charged after winter storage whereas lead acid packs may be ruined. SLA batteries self-discharge at a rate of about 30% per month.

• LiFePO4 batteries contain incredible power: The 12 volt 7Ah LFP battery can run a 25A load for 12 minutes and can pulse discharge up to 40A for 2 seconds or less. It boasts record-breaking power of 4.5kW/L.

• LiFePO4 batteries are clean & environmentally friendly and zero emissions

• LiFePO4 batteries can run +3000 cycles while SLA batteries are capable of only 200-300.

With lighter weights, virtually zero self-discharge, longer shelf life and better environmental impact; LiFePO4 batteries are the more economical and environmentally friendly battery option. Cell-Con, Inc., is ISO 13485 and ITAR registered and a supporting member of, committed to utilizing the LiFePO4 batteries and persuading others to replace toxic lead acid batteries, for more responsible energy.

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