Machining Centers enable remote monitoring.

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With pre-installed MTConnect V1.1 Adapters, DMG/MORI SEIKI machines equipped with MAPPS control will offer plug-and-play solution that allows real-time monitoring of machines from anywhere, at any time. Users get information such as current machine operating status, overrides, alarm conditions, and work count with exact time stamp. Remote monitoring capability is enabled with MTConnect open Web protocol, which allows interconnectivity between manufacturing equipment, peripherals, and software.

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DMG/ MORI SEIKI Offers MTConnect V1.1 Adapters on New Machine Shipments

Realize higher productivity through remote machine monitoring

As of June 1st, 2013, all new DMG/MORI SEIKI machines equipped with MAPPS control come installed with an MTConnect Standard V1.1 compliant MTConnect Adapter. With pre-installed MTConnect Adapters, DMG / MORI SEIKI customers will have a plug-and-play solution that allows easy, real-time monitoring of their machines—from anywhere, at any time. This remote-monitoring capabilityis enabled with MTConnect—a standard, open Web protocol that allows interconnectivity between manufacturing equipment, peripherals and software. For data collection, archiving and reporting, customers have the option of choosing DMG / MORI SEIKI as their single-source remote monitoring vendor, or a third-party vendor.

DMG / MORI SEIKI is very excited to provide MTConnect V1.1 Adapters to empower customers to achieve their next level of agility and competitiveness through remote monitoring of their machines. According to the management adage “You cannot manage what you cannot measure”, one would need tools to monitor the historical and ongoing production activities to be able to improve and realize full utility of their capital investments. For small job shops to large manufacturing corporations, the insight into detailed shop-floor activities that allows one to find ways to improve productivity goes a long way.

DMG / MORI SEIKI is uniquely positioned to provide a complete solution on the market, offering a single source for all necessary remote-monitoring elements. This solution set based on MTConnect standard; comprises of the MTConnect Adapter, Agent and web services to let customers monitor productivity and status of machine tools. The Adapter and Agent collect the data from the machine and output the MTConnect XML protocol for the downstream software applications (web services or desktop) to collect, analyze and report.

MTConnect is an open, royalty-free and an evolving standard; thanks to the continued support and contribution of AMT, MTConnect Institute, software companies and major machine tool vendors, including DMG / MORI SEIKI. The MTConnect Standard V1.1 compliant Adapter on MAPPS control provides with basic remote monitoring capabilities that includes information like current machine operating status, overrides, alarm conditions and work count with exact time stamp in real-time. For more information on MTConnect Standard please visit

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