LED Light Troffer Retrofit Kit promotes patient wellness.

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Offering color temperatures from 2700K to 6500K and >80 CRI, human-centric LED Light Troffer retrofit kit creates comfortable and natural light in hospitals, wellness centers, senior living, and other healthcare facilities as well as office and commercial buildings and retail environments. Light panel uses 38 W LED source and mimics natural Kelvin changes of sun throughout day in 2 x 2 ft troffer. Unit can run automatically and also lets end-user change lighting with one of several presets.

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ABBLighting Introduces Human Centric LED Light Troffer Retrofit Kit

Designed for high quality healthy living

TOMS RIVER, N.J. – ABBLighting, a manufacturer of customized LED luminaires in the United States and Canada, has introduced the human centric LED Light Troffer retrofit kit.

The light panel is specially designed to create comfortable and natural light for patients and anyone in pursuit of high quality healthy living. Utilizing a 38-watt LED source, the panel mimics the natural Kelvin changes of the sun throughout the day in a typical 2’ x 2’ troffer.

The fixture can be set to run automatically or allows you to change the lighting with one of several presets such as sunrise/sunset, best lighting for reading (4100K) or best for working (5000K). With the wireless adjustable color temperature driver, the ABBLighting retrofit kit can easily be controlled by a remote control, smartphone or tablet using an available app.  The LED lamp can also be controlled by the wall switch. The adjustable color temperature ranges is 2700-6500K and has a CRI of of more than 80.

“Our goal was to design an indoor light fixture that is healthy for seniors and hospital patients,” said ABBLighting President Greg Murphy. “What we quickly realized is that what is healthy for seniors and patients is healthy for everyone. “

The human centric LED Light Troffer retrofit kit is ideal for hospitals, wellness centers, senior living and other healthcare facilities as several studies show that patients heal faster with access to natural light. It is also marketed towards office and commercial buildings and retail environments. The higher Kelvin temperature settings also make it suitable for aging individuals to read and do other activities that involve close-up work.

The human centric troffer retrofit kit has a 50,000-hour L70 life and comes with a five-year limited warranty. The retrofit kit is DLC, ETL and Lighting Facts listed.

For more information, email info@abblighting.com, call (866) 222-8866, visit www.abblighting.com or write ABBLighting, Inc., 1501 Industrial Way N., Toms River, N.J.  08755

About ABBLighting, Inc.

ABBLighting, a leader in R&D, manufacturing and customization of LED indoor and outdoor light fixtures. ABBLighting is focused on serving the commercial and industrial markets with a commitment to design and manufacturing excellence. ABBLighting’s Toms River, New Jersey headquarters serves as our main distribution warehouse, sales office and showroom. All of our assembled in USA products as well as any customization of our standard products are done out of a 6,000sf machine shop in Belvidere, NJ. ABBLighting enjoys a massive manufacturing base with a 600,000sf ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified factory in Asia to ensure the high quality of our products. ABBlighting is a high-tech green energy company that is committed to the environment as well as using the latest technology.  ABBLighting uses the latest LED, thermal, optical and control components in our products.

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