Frequency Interfaces replace A/D cards.

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TW Series offer alternatives to A/D cards on PLCs, computers, and data acquisition systems. TWI-FO and TWN-FO convert analog signal into linear-frequency output signal. They can be used with PLC to convert 4-20mA signal into frequency, allowing direct connection into PLC's digital input. Other models serve as interface between Trimec DP490 Flow Transducer and PLC, or have photodiode light sensor in sealed case for high-precision linear applications.

Original Press Release:

The TW Series of Frequency Interface Units

The TWI-FO and TWN-FO are designed as low cost alternative to A/D cards on PLCs, computers, and data acquisition systems. The TWI-FO and TWN-FO convert an analogue signal into a linear, frequency output signal, with a 50:50 mark space ratio. It is ideally designed to be used with a PLC to convert a 4-20mA signal into a 10-10Hz frequency, allowing direct connection into a digital input on a PLC and powered by the PLC's 24Vdc power supply (use with interrupts).

The TWI-FF and TWN-FF are designed as an interface between a Trimec DP490 Flow Transducer and a PLC. The TWI-FF and TWN-FF divide the frequency of the pulses from a DP490 to an output frequency a PLC can register without missing counts. The TWI-FF and TWN-FF can be powered by the PLCs 24Vdc power supply. The output is a 50:50 mark space ratio, and can be directly connected into most PLC digital inputs.

The TWN-LUX incorporated a silicon photodiode light sensor, in a heretical sealed case, especially designed for high precision linear applications. The sensor has a flat glass window with built in color correction filter, giving an approximation to the spectral response in the human eye. As an aid in adjustment an LED is mounted next to the sensor, with a gradual turn on at approx. 30% FSO.

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