Expansion Joint features 3 hour fire rating.

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Suited for walls and vertical applications, EMSHIELD WFR3 accommodates structural movement caused by thermal, wind, seismic, and other forces. UL-approved, single-installation product, featuring 5 in. depth of seal, is designed for joint widths of ½-6 in. and has expansion movement range of +25%/-25%. Fire-retardant-impregnated foam is factory pre-coated on both inside and outside faces with intumescent fire-proofing material, and each outer face is coated with silicone.

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EMSEAL Announces 3-Hour Fire-Rated Single-Unit

EMSHIELD WFR3 extends the line of EMSEAL's UL-approved, single-installation products

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. (USA) - EMSEAL Joint Systems, Ltd. has developed another breakthrough UL & ULC-certified fire-safety expansion joint system. EMSHIELD WFR3 is now available expanding its line of fire-rated wall products by offering a 3-hour fire-rated expansion joint for use in walls and vertical applications.

EMSHIELD WFR3 - which stands for Wall, Fire-Rated, 3-hours - accommodates structural movement caused by thermal, wind, seismic and other forces. This single installation reduces the environmental impact while meeting fire-safety and building codes.

"EMSEAL is committed to offering innovative UL and ULC certified fire-rated products to fulfill the need of designers, builders and installers," says EMSEAL President and CEO Lester Hensley. "Traditionally expansion joints have required separate products to seal, bridge, and fire-rate joints incurring separate material and installation costs. EMSHIELD WFR3 accomplishes all of these functions in a single installation. In addition by using less materials, conserving energy and improving safety, our product features are in line with the cornerstones of LEED and green building-based design philosophy."

EMSHIELD WFR3 is manufactured for use in joint widths from ½ inch (12mm) to 6-inches (150mm), has a depth of seal of 5-inches (125mm), and has an expansion movement range of +25% / -25% (total 50%).

Fire-retardant-impregnated foam is factory pre-coated on both the inside and outside faces with an intumescent fire-proofing material. Each outer face is then coated with a silicone and compressed to form bellows to allow movement. This silicone coating is offered in a choice of 26 colors to coordinate with the surrounding wall colors. The resulting composite is then factory compressed to less than its nominal size for installation into structural or other openings. The application of an optional silicone corner bead provides a watertight seal to that surface as needed.

To meet the highest standards, EMSHIELD WFR3 has been tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to the rigors of UL 2079 and is manufactured under UL's Follow-Up Service--providing the assurance that all materials supplied are manufactured to the same standards of the product submitted for testing. Other EMSHIELD UL-Certified products that can be used in systems in conjunction with WFR3 are EMSHIELD WFR2 (2-hour fire-rated) for walls as well as EMSHIELD DFR2 (2-hour) and DFR3 (3-hour) for decks and horizontal surfaces. The EMSHIELD line also offers pick-resistant security products as well as larger-gap seismic fire-rated expansion joints.

This exterior and interior wall system is designed to be used in fire-rated walls and vertical surfaces often found in buildings, stadiums, arenas, hospitals, schools, universities, airports, parking decks and car parks, stair and elevator towers, as well as other structures where containment of fire at structural expansion joints is required.

EMSEAL, established in 1959 and located in the U.S. since 1979, has provided sealant systems and technical support to many prominent structures including stadiums, arenas, hospitals, parking structures, airports, malls and other commercial and public sector developments worldwide.

For more information about EMSEAL's EMSHIELD WFR3 SYSTEM or other EMSHIELD fire-rated products, contact EMSEAL at techinfo@emseal.com or call 508-836-0280 / 800-526-8365 in North America, or visit the EMSEAL corporate website at www.EMSEAL.com.

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