WSI Enhances Winter NOWrad® Products

High resolution meteorological model yields more accurate and timely depiction of winter precipitation types for pilots and dispatchers

ANDOVER, Mass., Feb. 7 -- WSI Corporation today announced the release, effective immediately, of significant enhancements to its winter NOWrad® graphical radar products. The enhancements, which will benefit all aviation customers using WSI Pilotbrief®, WSI InFlight® or WSI Fusion(TM) products, result in a more accurate and timely depiction of the location and movement of winter precipitation areas.

"WSI always had the best in class weather products for winter storm events," said Mark D. Miller, General Manager of WSI's Aviation Division, "but now we are using high resolution, near real-time data to provide a more complete picture of the atmosphere and to more accurately show the migration of the rain/snow/mixed precipitation areas as a storm progresses. In addition, we are now explicitly accounting for winter weather characteristics in mountainous regions by modeling the interaction of the atmosphere and terrain down to 1km resolution. The effect of the enhanced model on the accuracy of the new winter NOWrad images is immediately noticeable."

"I believe this development effort shows WSI's commitment to delivering high-quality weather information products and our continual investment in meteorological research, software, and display technologies," continued Miller. "I'm pleased to say that users of WSI's Aviation products will see an immediate benefit of this WSI research: more timely and more accurate depiction of weather events that will aid winter flight planning and in-flight decision-making."

About WSI Corporation

WSI Corporation is the world's leading provider of weather-driven business solutions for professionals in the aviation, media and energy markets. WSI provides the world's most innovative and trusted decision-support solutions for aviation professionals through every phase of flight. WSI's pre-flight briefing solutions include WSI Pilotbrief® which was recently voted #1 by professional pilots for the 9th year in a row. Daily, thousands of aviation professionals around the world trust the WSI Pilotbrief system, at the nation's top FBOs and corporate flight departments and the WSI InFlight® cockpit weather system to provide them with the necessary information to plan safe flights. WSI also supplies cockpit weather services via the Flight Information Service for the FAA pilot programs involving Automatic Dependent Surveillance -- Broadcast (ADS-B), including Capstone and SafeFlight 21. Headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts with offices in Birmingham, England, WSI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Landmark Communications, Inc.

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