Vinyl Visions Double Output with CDS Dual Downstream Lines

April 19, 2005

Vinyl Visions, LLC, an industry leader in vinyl extrusions and accessories for fence, railing and post, proudly reports the doubling of their extrusion outputs with CDS's dual downstream extrusion lines. Vinyl Visions, based in Ohio and an affiliated partner with Crane Plastics, acquired two 11-meter dual lines from CDS in February for their privacy panel fences, which are currently marketed under the Maximum Vinyl® and Vinyl Visions are one of two significant extrusion processors in the fenestration industry to purchase dual lines from CDS this year; the other was Silverline Windows of New Jersey, which acquired five dual and two single lines from CDS in early January for their PVC window components.

About CDS

CDS (Custom Downstream Systems Inc.) is an OEM and leading supplier of premium post-extruder machinery for the pipe, profile, and tube industries and the only major producer in North America of dual downstream lines. For more information, visit

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