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Unique Shark-Fin Style Bike Racks Add Bite to Your Landscape

The popularity of cycling has continually increased over the past decade. People are bicycling for heath, fitness, and recreation reasons as well as commuting to work, school, and for transportation around town. With this increase has come the need for cities, businesses and multi-family residences to provide secure bicycle parking. Without a place to park a bike safely, riders resort to parking against trees, poles and other city structures. This not only can damage the fixed items, they are not secure enough to prevent bicycle theft.

Reliance Foundry has reshaped the look of the standard curved bicycle parking rack to add style and design interest. The "Shark-Fin" styled model R-8246 bike rack, and the model R-8246-SS stainless steel bike rack are original designs that can only be ordered through Reliance Foundry.

Model R-8246 steel bike rack shown as powder coated black

Model R-8246-SS stainless steel bike racks

The model R-8246 bike rack stands just 32 inches tall and has a overall length of 59 inches. It provides secure bike parking while adding unique shape & definition to outdoor spaces. The unique shark-fin style gives a rider a fixed place to secure the bike using a U-lock, D-lock, chain lock, or cable lock. The steel frame of the bike rack has mounting systems available that enable the rack to be installed on new or existing concrete, as well as asphalt, landscaping, or other surfaces as long as new concrete footings can be established. Reliance Foundry will supply what you need to have the racks mounted - providing step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.

Landscapers can use the interesting styling of the R-8246 bike rack model to create eye-catching designs in the outdoor space where bike parking is needed. Bike parking in front of businesses can provide an increase in sales, as it attracts cycling customers who may not otherwise stop. Many communities even offer promotions online for companies who are deemed bike-friendly.

The powder coated finishes on Reliance's bike parking racks are strong, durable and weather-resistant. They are available in 6 standard colors, or users can select the stainless steel model R-8246-SS for the ulitmate outdoor durability.

These original designs from Reliance Foundry compliment their sister-styled TWISTED-FIN model R-8247 bike racks (or the TWISTED-FIN model R-8247-SS stainless steel bike rack) - which are also original designs.

About Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.

Reliance Foundry has been a family-owned business since 1927. Bike racks are one of its main product lines, along with industrial wheels, bollard products and investment castings. Reliance sources products globally and offers quick and convenient delivery in the United States and Canada from its Vancouver location.

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