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Tornado Shelter Adds Bullet Resistant Panel Option to Door

The Granger Plastics Company continues to add innovation to the construction of the Granger ISS In-ground Safety Shelter by adding a bullet resistant panel upgrades option to the door. The multi layer polymer door was tested at Texas Tech's Wind Science & Engineering Research Center Debris Impact Test Facility, to meet or exceed FEMA 320 and FEMA 361 specifications. The Tornado Shelter door, bullet resistant panel upgrade option now being offered, will continue to add to the level of protection offered from this unique multi purpose shelter.

Most customers purchase the Granger ISS for use as a tornado shelter or storm shelter, but a growing market for panic safe rooms is continuing to emerge in this industry. Many more families are looking for a safe place to go in the event of other types of emergencies, such as a home invasion or robbery. A tornado shelter that doubles as a panic safe room greatly increases the value of the family's safety investment.

Granger Plastics is now offering the option to upgrade consumers Tornado Shelter doors, by adding a panel of a very specialized, industrial composite laminate to the door. Adding this material offers customers access to level 3 bullet resistance in the door. The material used, similar to carbon fiber, is UL tested and certified UL752. The amount of resistance offered will protect against numerous handguns, many of which are used commonly in home invasion emergencies. There are numerous scenarios in which a bullet resistant option would be beneficial.

Tornado shelters placed inside the home offer the best access to dual protection, however a shelter outside of the home can offer panic safe room protection as well. Regardless of the shelters location, a safety plan needs to be put in place and regularly tested, to ensure everyone in the home knows the fastest and safest route to the shelter. This should be mapped out from each room similar, to fire evacuation plans, but leading to the area the shelter is installed. If the shelter is placed outside the home the safety plan would map out the fastest and safest exit from each room to the outside and offer tools of escape for residents on higher levels.

The Granger ISS can easily be installed in new home construction in the foundation or practically in any given room design. For existing homes there are possible garage installations, room addition installations as well as porch and patio options. In a home that needs a completely exterior installation choosing a location with easy access from all sides of the house is the best option.

We all hope to never encounter an emergency during which the simple protection of our home is not enough, yet every day people experience them. The value of being able to rest at night and know you are protected is priceless. The Granger Plastics Company offers an affordable option and a maximum quality protection product with the Granger ISS.

The Granger Plastics Company is a full service Rotational Molder offering engineering, manufacturing, rotational mold making, order fulfillment and warehouse options to its customers. Granger is known for its industry leading innovative designs and constantly improving rotationally molded products. We invite you to learn more about the Granger ISS Tornado Shelter and the bullet resistant option by visiting and more about Granger Plastics by visiting


Shawn Cravens - General Manager

The Granger Plastics Co.


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