Small Businesses Better Able to Manage Remote, Field-Based Employees with PayClock® Online from Lathem

Crime Prevention Agency ATL just one of many clients benefiting from Lathem's workforce management mobile application

ATLANTA - Watching over Atlanta's businesses and communities is what Crime Prevention Agency ATL does best. Providing private security services, the company's employees work at multiple sites, around the clock, so for management, efficiently managing time and attendance is a challenge.

To help, the company turned to Lathem's PayClock Online mobile application that allows workers to clock in and out on smart phones or tablets, with a GPS tracking feature that records exactly where employees are when they clock in and out.

"With PayClock Online's GPS function, we know exactly when and where our employees are clocking in," said Heidi Hintz, operations manager at Crime Prevention Agency ATL. "It makes us more available to focus on other areas of the business."

In addition to eliminating the need to be at every work site checking up on their employees, managers can prepare payroll hours anytime, anywhere. PayClock Online saves time and money, too. "We don't have to check in on our employees all the time anymore," Hintz said. "PayClock Online does it for me. And it used to take me days to do payroll; now it takes only an hour."

Crime Prevention Agency ATL is just one of the thousands of small businesses using Lathem's PayClock Online mobile application.

"PayClock Online's mobile application is the next evolution in time management," said Lance Whipple, Lathem vice president, Sales and Marketing. "The market demands technology that meets the needs of today's flexible and remote workforce. This solution simplifies time and attendance and saves businesses time and money."

PayClock Online's mobile features include:

Payroll processing at the manager's convenience. With web-enabled devices, such as a computer, smartphone or tablet, companies can manage employee time and attendance from multiple locations, set up schedules, run reports and export timesheets to payroll software at their convenience.

Mapping and recording where and when employees are 'on-the-clock'. Businesses can set up the option so that remote employees can clock in or out only if the employee's smartphone has GPS location recording enabled.

Employees are empowered, by allowing them to check their time records and select reports to view anytime, without the need to contact HR personnel.

Managers can view their employee time cards, make edits, send messages and view totals, all on a smartphone, iPad or tablet.

Lathem has been in business for more than 90 years, providing small businesses with time clocks that improve the management of workforce productivity and labor costs. Cloud-based time and attendance is the latest solution in workforce management.

About Lathem

Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., Lathem is the world's leading provider of durable and affordable time and attendance products for small business. Founded in 1919, Lathem remains a family-owned and operated US manufacturer. More than 400,000 companies worldwide use a Lathem time clock solution every day to help manage their business. Lathem's commitment to high-quality manufacturing and customer satisfaction is reflected through its industry leading 6-Point Assurance Program™ that provides customers with unique benefits, including free set-up and installation and time clock system trade-ups. More information about Lathem can be found online at


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