L-Tron Presents Rugged Docking Station for Toughbook Users

Pittsford, NY, USA: L-Tron Corporation has joined with Havis to offer a resilient new Docking Station for the Panasonic Toughbook CF-19. The durable DS-PAN-221 Docking Stations are impact resistant, using a combination of aircraft grade aluminum and glass-reinforced plastic covering. Engineered with fully functional rear facing connectors, these Docking Stations and equipped with a rugged locking system to keep the Toughbook safe and secure. Advantageous for mobile Toughbook users, the DS-PAN-221 maintains constant connectivity through the use of a guided, floating Docking Connector, while an LED indicator light keeps the user continually informed of the dock's status.

The DS-PAN-221 is notable for its compatibility with both the Mark 4 version of Panasonic Toughbook CF-19, as well as Mark 3 and previous versions. L-Tron Corporation additionally offers the DS-PAN-211 Docking Station, which includes the same features as the DS-PAN-221 but is solely compatible with the Mark 4 version of Panasonic Toughbook CF-19.

About L-Tron Corporation:

L-Tron Corporation is a leading supplier of barcode products, data collection products and industrial computers. Founded in 1978, L-Tron is a value added reseller, specializing in quality solutions to meet the unique data collection requirements for every business owner. L-Tron's numerous solutions include barcode readers, barcode scanners, rugged mobile computers and printing solutions. L-Tron Corporation welcomes the opportunity to work with large and small businesses to efficiently provide solutions and support specific application requirements.

L-Tron currently carries a complete line of Havis Docking Stations for Panasonic CF-19. For detailed specifications, technical assistance, and/or additional information, please contact L-Tron Corporation (toll free in the US) 800.830.9523, via email:Sales@L-Tron.com, or visit www.L-Tron.com.

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