iSEEK Rolls Out New Digital Parts Catalog

(Ames, Iowa USA) - In its quest to streamline CAD data searches for OEMs and to
eliminate costly parts redundancies, iSEEK Corporation has released a new Digital
Parts Catalog. As an added feature to CADSEEK(TM), the powerful shape-based CAD
search engine, users now have an additional tool to more efficiently locate parts and
assemblies within an enterprise-wide CAD database.

The new lightweight, browser-based parts module presents 2D thumbnails of parts
which are also present in Navigator, a 3D "clustered universe" representation of an
organization's entire CAD library.

The digital parts catalog presents the thumbnail images in a page format which can
be browsed to find parts of a particular shape. A user can quickly scan clusters of
products and "pages" of products in the Digital Catalog. Clicking on clusters takes the
viewer deeper into a part classification. Parts can be loaded for a search which quickly shows matches for the targeted part. Dr. Abir Qamhiyah, President and CEO of iSEEK comments, "With CADSEEK's Digital Parts Catalog, finding a part is only limited by the user's ability to visually keep up with dynamically changing thumbnail images in a browsing session."

In addition, the Digital Parts Catalog includes metadata so that the OEM user can
share shape-based and textural data with their suppliers over the internet. OEMs and
contract manufacturers can easily communicate design information and manufacturing
capabilities to facilitate selection of qualified suppliers. Incorporating suppliers into the process is the GlobalNET feature of the Digital Parts Catalog. Dr. Don Flugrad, iSEEK Senior Vice President & COO and former Iowa State University mechanical engineering professor says, "This OEM/supplier interface will increase efficiency in the contract manufacturing process. Increasing productivity and eliminating wasted time and funds in the parts selection process is what CADSEEK is all about."

CADSEEK consists of three fully functional, easy to integrate software modules:
1.) Search Engine - for selecting a target part and searching results in picture form.
2.) Visual Navigator - for flying over and zooming in on a virtual-reality view of a
company's part database.
3.) Digital Parts Catalog - for scanning catalog pages of clustered parts and searching a part database for shape and metadata characteristics.

There are five ways to use CADSEEK. The first is to simply load an existing file of the
target part, or one that's similar. Second is to enter all or a portion of a part name or number. Third is to use a CAD program to quickly sketch a CADSEEK target part. Fourth is to use the Visual Navigator to zoom (fly over) the database, picking a CAD file from spherical shapes which represent families or clusters of like parts. The latest method is to scan the Digital Parts Catalog and search by shape and metadata characteristics. This can be executed on a LocalNET or a company's entire GlobalNET of contract manufacturers.

About iSEEK Corporation
Nearly 15 years of research in geometric reasoning and in CAD search technology
mark the career of iSEEK co-founder Dr. Abir Qamhiyah. She became President and
CEO of iSEEK when it was established in 2004. She was joined by Dr. Don Flugrad with
whom she has collaborated on numerous teaching, research and engineering projects.
Dr. Flugrad serves as Senior Vice President and COO of iSEEK.
Together they've worked on developing and refining a fast, efficient and accurate shapebased bsearch technology for CAD databases. The resulting product, CADSEEK, employs balgorithms which capture the geometric shapes of objects. CADSEEK's accuracy is bone factor which led to the signing of a major contract with Deere & Company for the product in June 2006. John Deere conducted extensive testing on 3D search products
for over a year. They considered several alternatives but chose iSEEK's product.
CADSEEK's accuracy, speed and scalability provide real value in organizing an incredibly large CAD database and making it easy to search. Patents are pending for CADSEEK search technology.

The company is located in Ames, Iowa in the Iowa State University Research Park.

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