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Mini crane maker helps Berlin Steel Construction Company

Ventura, CA – Ten years ago the Berlin Steel Construction Company (a 115 year old company) opened a new office focused on design build services in integrated concrete and steel parking structures and high rise buildings. At the same time, investing heavily into expansion of its resource network identifying several strategic partners whose products and services compliment the future development plans of the company.

One of their partners was EzRig Crane, whose mini crane helped Berlin lift their building materials up to the floors they were working on without bringing in a full size crane for lifting steel structural materials, thus saving them the cost and the space requirements.

The EzRig can lift up to 2,400 pounds, while its small footprint allows it to go through a 3-foot door or into a commercial elevator to go to higher floors and use its 135’ steel cable attached to an electronic winch to lift materials up to 13 stories. It also has 8” rolling caster wheels which helps in moving the materials once they have been lifted. However, the wheels can be locked and the legs can be moved to get into tight spaces and places other conventional lifting machinery cannot.

While the cost of the mini crane is comparable to just 2 - 3 rental fees of a conventional crane, the EzRig can continue to do jobs after its initial purchase. A full size crane might be overkill in many situations and have to be rented again. Other materials handling tools might not be able to do the unique lifting jobs or get into the tight spaces.

After their initial use of the mini crane, the Berlin Company is now using the EzRig crane to move large steel plates weighing approximately 600 pounds around their own yard, by lifting the plate and rolling the plate extended out in front of the EzRig. The EzRig can extend out 16’ and up to a hook height of 20’.

When most people think of cranes, they rarely think of a mini crane to do the job, but as the Berlin Company did, maybe more companies will consider using a mini crane for their industrial jobs.

EZRig Crane is manufactured under U.S. Patent # 5,934,490 and all rights reserved ©2015.

EZRig Crane, Inc., operating out of Ventura, California, United States, is a manufacturing company that produces the small portable EZRig Crane, serving the Manufacturing, Industrial, Construction, Transportation, HVAC, Pipe, Steel, Glass Installation, Roofing, Automotive, Trucking, Heavy Equipment, Aircraft, and other industries.

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