Digital Lightwave Enhances NIC Platform OTN Testing Capabilities

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Digital Lightwave, Inc. today announced enhancements to the NIC Platform's OTN (Optical Transport Network) testing capabilities including support of Fibre Channel over OTN and ODTU-03 mapping. The NIC Platform has long been an industry leader in OTN testing. The new enhancements secure the NIC's position as the most complete OTN test suite available in any portable instrument worldwide.

The ODTU-03 mapping option is supported on the NIC 40/43G module, and provides ODU-0 mappings over the physical OTU-3 (43Gbps) interface, joining the NIC's existing capabilities of ODTU-01, ODTU-012, ODTU-12, ODTU-13 and ODTU-23. The ODU-0 can support PRBS and Null Client mappings, as well as Transcoded 1000BASE-X if the NIC is also equipped with an MSA 2020/2030 module. The Transcoded 1000BASE-X mapping allows ODU-0 to carry Gigabit Ethernet (as GFP-T) over OTN interfaces. This feature supports complete testing at all OTN levels including error & alarm generation/detection, multi-layer overhead manipulation/detection, OPU Frequency offset generation/detection, GMP stressing/analysis and more.

The Fibre Channel over OTN feature supports both OTU1f (11.270Gbps) & OTU2f (11.317Gbps) interfaces with framed (10G Fibre Channel Sync), unframed, PRBS and Null Client mappings and includes service disruption measurements for OTU1f, OTU2f and 10G Fibre Channel. The NIC provides a powerful suite of Fibre Channel testing capabilities including 1G, 2G, 4G, 8G (recently announced) and 10G interfaces.

Completing the industry's most comprehensive OTN portable test solution, the NIC MSA 2020/2030 module also supports OTU-1e (11.049Gbps) and OTU-2e (11.095Gbps) for testing 10Gigabit Ethernet over OTN signals.

"Our customers' needs are constantly changing," said Tom Newhart, Vice President of Sales. "The NIC provides the best investment protection in the industry. As testing requirements have grown and technologies evolved, the NIC Platform has always been there. Whether the test need is SONET/SDH, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, T-Carrier/PDH or OTN carrying any of those technologies, our customers can reach for the NIC and get the job done."

Note that the above listed capabilities require specific NIC modules and that specific NIC Test Options, license-based features, are enabled.

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