Diesel Engine Turbochargers on Test Benches

Delphin TopMessage for Real-Time Monitoring

CHESTERLAND OH - CAS DataLoggers recently provided the data acquisition solution for a leading German manufacturer developing and producing marine diesel engines and compact turbochargers enabling optimal levels of performance, fuel consumption and emissions. Their high- performance components were manufactured in-house and then sent to the plant's test benches, where the turbochargers were subjected to high levels of thermal and mechanical stresses, including rotating up to 90,000 RPM, exposure to temperatures of up to 750ºC, and a 5.0 pressure ratio. The head of the turbocharger and component testing department required a comprehensive data acquisition system for the acquisition of a great deal of measurement data including voltage signals (pressures, volume flows, flap positions), temperatures and rotations. A high level of accuracy was especially necessary for the temperature measurements (+/- 0.2 ºC). The plant also needed decentralized measurement data acquisition, an interface with PLC control, virtual channel capability and above all calculation channels within the device itself. Since all the data needed to be continually acquired, monitored, analyzed and archived, the plant also needed a flexible and modular software to run on the its PCs.

The manufacturer installed a Delphin TopMessage data acquisition and control system which was built into switch cabinets and connected to the existing test bench installations. The TopMessage performed measurement data acquisition and evaluation, process monitoring and analysis, process automation, and the remote monitoring of plant and machinery, enabling comprehensive specification for measurement data acquisition.

Delphin's ProfiSignal Klicks software supported automatic data acquisition for both continuous and batch processes. This Windows-compatible software package evaluated and graphically portrayed all measurement data, which could also be acquired and visualized both online and in real-time. Historical data saved on the hard disk could be simultaneously evaluated. The TopMessage device's internal datalogger memory could be automatically read out at preset time intervals, providing an additional data backup function. The Process Visualization module quickly generated a graphical view enabling operation and observation of the entire process. Additionally, ProfiSignal Klicks significantly enhanced the capability for test bench automation containing its own Configurable Programming Technique enabling users to perform their own system configuration without the need for any programming knowledge.

The manufacturer realized significant benefits following installation of the Delphin TopMessage data acquisition and control system in their test bench program. The TopMessage's highly sensitive measurements were used to test areas subjected to the greatest stress, which in turn optimized the robustness, efficiency and operation of the components. As a result, the component testing department was up and running in just 2 days. Personnel had no problems installing on site since the system's hardware used standard cabling which was easily connected to existing company networks. ProfiSignal Klicks software provided user-friendly operation and process overview. There was also no need for amplifiers or signal conditioning, as these were already integrated in the TopMessage, and process signals were connected using detachable clamps and required little maintenance. The system was so reliable that to date the plant has had no interruptions in their test bench's data acquisition.

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