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Debut of All-Natural Sausages, Franks Heralds New Direction for Dearborn Sausage Company as it Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Dearborn, MI (PRWEB) July 13, 2006 -- Dearborn Sausage Company celebrates its 60th anniversary this year by introducing a gold-label line of all-natural sausages and franks under its Dearborn Brand, supplementing its full line of sausages and hams, lunchmeat and bacon. Dearborn Sausage products are served in a variety of establishments from country clubs and Coney Island restaurants to Joe Louis Arena, and sold in specialty stores, gourmet markets, and large grocery stores in metro Detroit and beyond.

The sausages and franks arrive in time for summer grilling and fall tailgating. They represent a strategic move by the company, which generates $34 million in sales annually, to further expand its brands beyond private label manufacturing.

The all-natural products are made of beef, pork or veal combinations, retailing at $4.99 for an eight-pack of hot dogs or five-pack of sausages. These mouthwatering sausages and franks have no preservatives, cure, nitrites, antibiotics or growth hormones, and are MSG and gluten-free. The meats used in these sausages are hand-trimmed and carefully crafted with all-natural spices and ingredients for incomparable taste. The company makes food quality and safety its first priority.

"We spent more than six months researching optimal flavors for hot dogs and sausages, and conducted thorough testing for nutrition, shelf life and taste," says Todd Meier, 38, vice president of the family-run Dearborn Sausage Company with more than 200 employees operating in a 90,000 square foot facility on Wyoming Road. Meier said more than eight million pounds of sausages and franks will sell in 2006, in addition to spiral cut hams and other fine sausages.

Sales of the new all-natural products are expected to boost the company's visibility with customers in 2006. "We built our reputation inside the industry, and now we intend to get our products out in front of customers more," says Meier, noting the firm has sold numerous products under private labels to nationally famous brands, and to packing houses and hotels.

Long-favored Dearborn Sausage Company products like Spiral Sliced Glazed Hams, and Smoked and Fresh Kielbasa, have been embraced by families for generations for traditional holiday meals.

The new all-natural Dearborn Brand sausages are available in these flavors:
o Swedish Potato Sausage, which includes all natural potatoes, fresh onions and garlic hand-mixed with all-natural pork, for 45 percent less fat than traditional sausage.
o Cajun "Andouille" Sausage, with authentic natural spices of the bayou and all-natural pork, is ideal for the grill or to include in a New Orleans-style meal.
o Smoked Italian Sausage, also available as Smoked Hot Italian Sausage, with all-natural pork hand-mixed with Italian spices and diced all-natural red and green peppers, and fiber as a nutritional value - a sausage rarity.
o Cooked Bratwurst, developed by our very own Wurstmacher (German master sausage maker), which combines natural nutmeg, lemon juice and fresh onion with all-natural veal and pork for an authentic, healthful tribute to Deutschland.
o Skinless Beef and Pork Franks, with no added cure, nitrates or nitrites, to please both kids' and mature palates.

Dearborn Brand sausages, as well as specialty groceries, deli products and USDA Choice steaks, are available at the company's two retail stores, located at 2450 Wyoming Ave., Dearborn; or 29616 Gratiot Ave., Roseville. Many fine retailers also carry Dearborn Brand products, including Hiller's, Nino Salvaggio's, Vince and Joe's, and Busch's. For more information and sales locations, visit, or call (313) 842-2375.

About the Dearborn Sausage Company

Hungarian-born butcher Victor Kosch launched his sausage plant in 1946 at the close of World War II. In 1958 Donald, Victor's son, was handed Victor's business and philosophy of, "If you're going to make fine sausages and hams, then you've got to make it that way every time."

What started in a converted garage on Wyoming spread in three generations of family management to an entire block and 90,000 square feet of operating space. The company is still family owned, with third and fourth generation family members working at the plant and in the stores. Current management consists of third generation Don's son, Mike Kosch, and his son-in-law Todd Meier. Each generation maintains the commitment to quality and taste at Dearborn Sausage Company.

"We're family owned so we don't have to worry about stock price fluctuations and what analysts think. All our efforts go into making customers happy with our meat products," says Todd Meier, vice president and Donald's son-in-law.

Generations of discerning taste buds have helped select the freshest ingredients for consumer palates. Fresh offers a robust flavor and density, while frozen meat chipped by machines into sausage casings and stuffed with binder has little taste. Slow cooking brings fine meats to fruition.

Dearborn Sausage Company managers maintain an immaculate plant with the highest sanitary standards, and purchase state-of-the-art equipment to use in quality controlled facilities such as its smoke houses.

The next goal is to do more to educate consumers on how to coax the best flavor from hot dogs or sausages. He recommends boiling or grilling items slowly at 250 degrees until they reach an internal temperature in excess of 160 degrees. "When you heat it all the way through it gets the natural juices flowing," he explains.

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Company Name: EFG FORWARD, INC.
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