Certified Welding Inspector Training- October 4-October 16, 2010-09-15

KNIGHT SCHOOL OF WELDING is offering CWI training Monday, October 4, 2010 through Saturday, October 16, 2010. Centrally located in Louisville, Ky. Knight School is one of the only a handful of schools offering inspector training in the country.

Experienced welders are in high demand and hard to find. Currently the United States is facing a shortage of close to 200,000 skilled welders, according to a study commissioned by the AWS and Edison Welding Institute. This is not helping the US economy as industries in which welding is important including manufacturing, construction, in mining which had combined revenues in 2000 of $3.1 billion, or about one quarter of the GDP. Getting the word out about welder training and educational opportunities could help alleviate this welder shortage.

That is one of the reasons Knight School of Welding is offering this new training class. Specifically covered in this 80 hour/2 week program include


Welding Processes, Heat Control & Metallurgy (carbon and low-alloy steel),Weld Examination,Welding Performance,Definitions and Terminology,Symbols - Welding and NDE,Test Methods - NDE,Reports and Records,Duties and Responsibilities,Safety / Destructive Tests,Cutting / Brazing / Soldering


Procedure and Welder Qualifications,Mechanical Test and Properties,Welding Inspection and Flaws,NDE,Utilization of Specification and Drawings


Materials and Design,Fabrication,Inspection / Qualifications

For more information on this and other welding courses please contact:

Knight School of Welding CWI Training Date:

Monday October 4, 2010 through Saturday October 16, 2010.

Knight School of Welding

Louisville, KY 40210

Call (502) 634-5568


Or email dtofaute@weldingky.com for additional information.


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