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The Light Side: There's More Than One Way to Skin a Robotic Exosuit

Sep 19, 2014

Airbus' Transport Plane Has Had a Whale of a Time Don't Let the 'Check Engine' Light Worry You Again Robotic exoskeletons not only represent a strength-augmenting, fatigue-reducing application of wearable technology, they're just cool to look at. And while a Korean shipbuilder, for example, is exploring exosuit...Read More

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The Light Side: Cycle Times and Time Cycles at IMTS

Sep 12, 2014

Oivo: Charge Your iPhone Using AA Batteries The 3D Printed Key that Bumps Any Lock Attendees at the International Manufacturing Technology Show that has been taking place in Chicago all this week have witnessed an alphabet soup of methods and processes designed to improve the science and art of part making,...Read More

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The Light Side: HitchBOT Journeyed for Human-Robot Relations

Sep 05, 2014

Fossils Suggesting 'Dinosaur Daycare' Discovered The smiling, smart-talking hitchhiker robot known as hitchBOT, which quickly rose to viral fame as it made its way across Canada, has proven that humans and bots can trust one another until the Terminators arrive. It was a wild 4,000-mile hitchhiker's journey for...Read More

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The Light Side: 'It's the Hotel, Our Robot Has Arrived with Your Towels'

Aug 29, 2014

Japanese Come Up with World's Fastest Camera 'MOVE': DIY Motion-Activated Running Lights In the near future, when you're in a hotel room, a three-foot-tall robot could be delivering the towels you just requested. Robotic bellhops could be a sign of things to come for the hotel industry, and the future is starting...Read More

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The Light Side: 1,024 'Kilobot' Swarm Forms Shapes On its Own

Aug 22, 2014

Making Choices: The Brain's Internal Duel with Itself NASA's Stardust Craft May Have Found Stardust Taking a page from a colony of ants, a mini-army of simple blinking robots bunch up together and then take cues from each other to autonomously form a shape as commanded, with just a microcontroller and infrared...Read More

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The Light Side: '123456' Is an Awesome Password, It's Confirmed

Aug 15, 2014

Keep It Weird and Take Our Money, SkyMall Tattoo Biobatteries Produce Power from Sweat In Mel Brooks' 1987 Star Wars parody film Spaceballs, a character under duress reveals the combination to unlock a precious device as "12345," to which a Darth Vader-like villain proclaims, "That's the stupidest combination I've...Read More

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The Light Side: Gaming Gets as Real as It Gets. Almost.

Aug 08, 2014

Korean Shipbuilders Forge Ahead with Robotic Exoskeletons Illustrator's Slam-Dunk Visualizations of Tired Expressions Playing a car racing game, barreling through realistic-looking but obviously imagined scenery, is fun. But racing a hypercar, say a Koenigsegg Agera, through an authentic, real-life environment...Read More