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The Light Side: This Spy Drone Will Self-Destruct Eventually

Nov 14, 2014

Plus: Could Dark Matter Be Massive?; and Cockroaches to the Rescue No good spy equipment is worth its salt if it can't disavow its own existence if caught. After all, what's the whole point of espionage if you're going to leave evidence that you were there? In comes the world's first "biological drone," which...Read More

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The Light Side: Electric Spoon Delivers Tastes All On Its Own

Nov 07, 2014

Plus: Dexmo: Exoskeleton for VR Control and Remote Manipulation; and Validating Complex Electronic Design? Just Follow the Ants Diabetics, rejoice. We have some potentially sweet news for you.  Scientists may have indirectly come up with an answer for people who suffer from diabetes and can't take in sugar: a tasty...Read More

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The Light Side: Senators Erase Party Lines in the Sand on Deserted Island

Oct 31, 2014

Plus: DARPA Circuit Breaks World Speed Record; and Chronic Fatigue: It Really Is All in the Head [caption id="attachment_38753" align="alignleft" width="263"] Senators Jeff Flake (left) and Martin Heimrich. Credit: Discovery Channel[/caption] With just a few days left to Election Day, bipartisanship might be...Read More

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The Light Side: Hey, Pay Attention to This Fun In-Flight Safety Video

Oct 24, 2014

Plus: NASA Contemplates Hibernation Technology; and 'Smart' Ice Skating Blade Measures Athletes' Forces There's a new race brewing among commercial airlines, and it's not which carrier will begin to nickle-and-dime you for a soft drink and a bag of blue-colored potato chips. Your in-flight safety videos...Read More

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The Light Side: Top 10 Movies for Engineers

Oct 17, 2014

Plus: Google Goes Inventive with Desert 'Street View'; Ocean Topography Mapped in Detail; and Did Ancient Kangaroo Hop or Mope Around? I've always loved film. The power of the moving picture to inspire and entertain knows no bounds. It is no surprise then that many engineering professionals have a list of "talkies"...Read More

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The Light Side: The Most Obvious Scientific Findings

Oct 10, 2014

Plus: Hack Your Living Room Into a Video Game Racetrack; Psychic Readings Are Psycho Halloween Pranks; and TinyScreen Is a Thumb-Sized Color OLED Display Thanks for telling us about these, Captain Obvious. Sometimes, we really don't need science to explain things that mere common sense should allow us to figure...Read More

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The Light Side: A Cloaking Device Hiding in Plain Sight

Oct 02, 2014

Plus: Scrobby -- A Robot to Scrub Solar Panels; and Apple's PR Stress and Product Strain from 'Bendgate' Cloaking, once a technology reserved only for witches, wizards, and modern material scientists, may be coming to a home near you thanks to a recent development by optical engineers. In the past decade...Read More