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Tech Trends

PLM Emerging as Key Solution for Collaborative Manufacturing

Oct 08, 2014

Receding in the rear-view mirror is the world in which products were mostly manufactured at a single location by a single company. Increasingly complex products and production processes are inexorably extending the manufacturing supply chain across many organizations and far-flung physical locations. This evolving...Read More

Tech Trends

PLM Market Faces Challenges, Hints at Possibilities

Oct 01, 2014

The growth of software-as-a-service has affected from licenses to pricing models to data security. Analysts are eager to see what comes out of this flux in the product life-cycle management...Read More

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Product Life-Cycle Management Market in a Period of 'Digestion'

Sep 24, 2014

The product life-cycle management (PLM) market is growing. After the 2009 recession, PLM investment from 2010 onwards showed a higher growth rate than most general IT spending. But there is a dark cloud: The growth rate fell by more than half in 2013. Here are some numbers from analyst CIMdata: 2011: Overall...Read More

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How the Internet of Things Will Turn Manufacturers Into Service Providers

Sep 17, 2014

The emerging Internet of Things (IoT) is already providing efficiencies and cost savings by giving companies operational visibility through connected devices. But innovation experts say IoT offers a far more important chance for manufacturers to extend their reach and revenue opportunities with the equipment they...Read More

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How the Internet of Things Is Transforming the Value Chain

Sep 10, 2014

Companies' efforts around connected machines and the Internet of Things (IoT) are starting to achieve efficiencies and financial returns. Much greater benefits are yet to come, according to innovators in this area, who are predicting that the emerging IoT will transform business models across the value chain for...Read More

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How Wearable Technologies Can Transform Field Service and Maintenance

Sep 03, 2014

Wearable technology such as smartglasses hold great potential for raising productivity and turning the manufacturing environment into an immersive, interactive one. Such devices can "augment reality" by providing shop managers and production workers streams of information about the real-time performance and condition...Read More

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Wearable Technologies Can Make Manufacturing an Immersive Hyper-experience

Aug 27, 2014

Popular media portrays wearable technology as a consumer trend with applications in entertainment and health and fitness. Possibly the best-known wearable technology is Google Glass, the head-worn device that can "augment reality" by displaying location-based and contextual information and taking hands-free photos and...Read More