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Tech Trends

Ergonomics Is Solving Automation's Pain Points

Dec 09, 2014

Manufacturing processes and technologies are changing faster than ever before, as a result of rapid innovation cycles, the need to bring products to market more quickly, and the economic pressure to produce more and do so faster and at lower cost. Given this heated environment, manufacturers struggle to keep...Read More

Tech Trends

Who Understands the IoT? According to New Research, 43% of Manufacturing Professionals Don't

Dec 08, 2014

According to Cisco, there will be 13.5 billion connected devices in manufacturing by 2022. And JP Morgan's Global Equity Research team has already pegged manufacturing with having the greatest Internet of Things (IoT) market potential. Although it's difficult to accurately gauge the impact these technologies will...Read More

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Speed, Quality Demands Drive Advances in Barcode Technologies

Nov 20, 2014

For decades, barcodes have been a key technology linking physical objects with automation systems. Now, however, the growing complexity in manufacturing operations and supply chains, as well as the acceleration in time-to-market requirements, is putting pressure on barcode technologies to do more, to do it faster, and...Read More

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Machine Vision's Rapid Eye Movement Is QC Dream

Nov 13, 2014

Will machines one day be able to see just as humans do, as popular science is wont to desire? If you're a manufacturer, it probably doesn't matter. "Machines don't really "~see' anything in the human, anthropomorphic sense," said John Parkinson, affiliate partner with Waterstone Management Group, a Chicago-based...Read More

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Configurability Matters in Manufacturing Software

Nov 05, 2014

Cloud software has tremendous potential to help small and medium-sized manufacturers compete with large enterprises. But what if that software assumes that you want to operate just like them? According to a Businessweek article, The Case for Making Small U.S. Manufacturers a Priority, more than 250,000 manufacturers...Read More

Tech Trends

Near-Field Communications Show Promise in Manufacturing

Oct 30, 2014

Apple brought near-field communication (NFC) technology into the spotlight with the release of the iPhone 6. Equipped with NFC, the new phone allows users to make "tap-to-pay" retail purchases. While it's still early, the technology, according to industrial tech experts, has potential applications in discrete...Read More

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Resource, Time Scarcity Accelerates Project Portfolio Management Tech

Oct 22, 2014

Today's rapid innovation cycles have companies searching for technology solutions that can help decision-makers get a handle on their product development pipelines. The competition is intense, and resources are limited, so executives need tools that can help them direct precious resources to product development...Read More