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ThomasNet News® is a news service publishing news on new industrial products, services and industry news. If you would like to submit your new product, service or other industry news for review by our editors, please send us your press releases. If the new product release meets the editorial criteria listed below, our editors will write a 400 to 500 character news summary of your product and you will be notified when we publish if you provide an e-mail address. Industry news may be published as submitted without notification.

Editorial Criteria

  • Only press releases from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) will be accepted.
  • Press release must be about a new or improved product or service.
  • Product must be recently introduced to the marketplace and new to industry.
  • Product must be new to ThomasNet News. Products previously reviewed will be excluded.
  • Press releases must include date of release, contact, and company information.

Additional News and Press Releases

  • News must be industry related.
  • Release must be timely.
  • The news issuer must be a North American industrial supplier listed by ThomasNet.

To assist our editors include:

  • Detailed information on the new product or service
  • Pictures and other images which are acceptable in all formats, digital files preferred for higher image quality.
  • Links to pages on your website that are specifically about the new product.
  • Include the following elemHover over the categoryents to assist our editors in their review of your release:
    • For Release (Time if important) Month, Date, Year
    • Headline that catches attention
    • Sub-headline that finishes thought of headline
    • City - Release Date
    • About Your Company
    • Contact Information including contact name, phone number and e-mail address for:
      • press only
      • general public
      • technical contact

This is a news service. We do not guarantee coverage of every new product or release. ThomasNet News® reserves the right to exclude any press releases that do not comply with editorial criteria.

To submit a release, e-mail us at or use the form below.

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