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Series 300 Weld Head enables displacement monitoring.

Nov 24, 2016

Available in offset (302H/115V or 230 V) and inline (301H/115V or 230V) models, Series 300 Weld Head features graphical screen of actual displacement with .0001-inch (2.5 micron) resolution fine tuning of weld time. Designed with linear magnetic force actuator and microprocessor-based electronic control, unit enables up to 3 welds per second using programmable force and is suitable for... Read More

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Weld Head System suits safety critical applications.

Feb 24, 2016

Designed for applications requiring precise position and force control, Series 320 Electronic Weld Head System features inline and offset opposed electrode configurations. Users can set displacement limits and use weld-to-displacement feature to stop weld precisely during collapse. For integration with PLCs, I/O offers 4 programmable relay outputs. Other features include initial part detection... Read More

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Lincoln Electric Brings a Complete Orbital TIG Solution to Weld Various Pipe and Tube Sizes and Applications

May 20, 2014

New clamp-on style weld heads and off-board feeders expand the orbital system for welding smaller-diameter pipe and tube Cleveland – The Lincoln Electric Company is bringing welding operators in refineries, power generation and pressure vessels a single system solution for welding various pipe and tube sizes with the new HELIX® C450 and C663 weld heads. With these orbital TIG (gas... Read More

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Enhancing Our Orbital Welding Capabilities at Astro Machine Works

Apr 03, 2013

At Astro Machine Works, we feel it is our responsibility to only use top of the line equipment and the latest technology. Our newest addition to our equipment list is a Liburdi Portable Orbital Welder, the PTW 160. It has some pretty extraordinary capabilities considering it is the smallest portable welder available. For starters, the PTW 160 can go where traditional welders can't. It weighs only... Read More

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Orbital Fusion Head utilizes digital technology.

Aug 02, 2011

Measuring 1.7 in. wide, Model 860 welds tube from 2-6 in. and can be used in tight clearance applications for welding fitting-to-fitting or fitting-to valve. Enclosed autogenous weld head features over-close collet clamping system and full exchange water cooling system that allow for true 100% duty cycle. Digital encoder drive motors eliminate need for calibration. Read More

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Miyachi Unitek to Attend FIEE Electrica / Electronic Americas in Brazil

Mar 22, 2011

Company to feature laser marking, resistance welding and reflow soldering capabilities MONROVIA, CA - Miyachi Unitek Corporation, a leading manufacturer of resistance welding equipment and laser processing systems, announces it will attend FIEE Electrica / Electronic Americas March 28-April 1 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Miyachi Unitek will showcase its laser marking, resistance welding and reflow... Read More

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Orbital Welding Heads feature compact, ergonomic design.

Jan 26, 2011

Automatic TS 8/75 tube/tubesheet welding heads have ergonomic double grip with control buttons for clamping and welding. They have pneumatically operated clamping/centring system that lets user work with several welding heads simultaneously as well as adjustable support legs. Integrated rotating wire feed ensures feed velocity and impact position for filler wire are constant, while closed cooling... Read More

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Retaining Heads improve welding performance.

May 10, 2010

TOUGH LOCK(TM) Retaining Heads integrate Dual Taper Technology, second rear taper between gooseneck and contact tip, to help dissipate heat and provide consistent welding performance while extending life of consumables. Available in 2 versions compatible with either Tregaskiss Slip-On or Thread-On Nozzles, heads complement TOUGH LOCK Contact Tips, which feature dual-lead thread design. Design... Read More

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Orbital Weld Heads utilize 100% digital technology.

May 04, 2010

Incorporating digital encoder drive motors, 800 Series maximizes arc-on productivity and eliminates need for weld head calibration. Over-close collet clamping system and full exchange water cooling system allow for true 100% duty cycle. Available in 5 models, enclosed autogenous orbital weld heads cover broad range of tube sizes from .125-6.625 in. OD. Read More

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Tregaskiss Upgrades TOUGH LOCK Contact Tip System with New Technology

Sep 28, 2009

WINDSOR, Ontario - September 16, 2009 - Adding to its already high-performing TOUGH LOCK(TM) Contact Tip System, Tregaskiss has upgraded the design of its TOUGH LOCK Retaining Heads. At no additional cost to its customers, the TOUGH LOCK Retaining Heads now feature Tregaskiss' Dual Taper Technology - a second rear taper between the gooseneck and the contact tip. This design further improves... Read More

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Weld Heads provide integrated welding solutions.

Dec 17, 2004

Suited for applications in automotive, aerospace, and appliance industries, MH series 1201, 1301, 1501, and 1601 heads are designed for benchtop use. Models 1501 and 1601 can optionally be configured for pedestal use, as C frame prevents electrode deflection during weld. All heads utilize ac or dc inverter controls and are available with displacement and force monitoring options. Read More

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Servo-Motor Driven Weld Heads offer repeatable force.

Jun 18, 2004

Used in automation or benchtop welding, 70 Series weld heads provide consistent welding force down to 0.25 lb, independent of part height and with no overforce. Products feature controlled, repeatable servo-motor actuation; overforce protection; programmable search position; 32 schedules; remote control I/O; and PC communication. Offered in parallel and opposed configurations, products also... Read More

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Orbital Weld Heads weld pipe in place.

Feb 04, 2004

Redhead weld heads, used with digital Tubemaster Power Source, are designed for orbital welding of pipe/tubes from 0.5-6.625 in. Products can be used for autogenous welding applications or with optional wire feeder. Mechanical device maintains constant arc length on out-of-round pipes, and design incorporates continuously adjustable clamping. Weld heads mount on one side of weld joint, allowing... Read More

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Focus Heads suit welding and heat treatment applications.

Jun 30, 2003

Luminator(TM) heads are based on 1-piece machined body, sealed to industrial standard IP55 for work in demanding conditions. Straight and right-angle forms are available with CCTV option available for right-angle version. Basic head accepts ancillary items such as air knives and welding gas nozzles. Precision fixing points allow repeatable mounting on robots and other processing equipment. Read More

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Weld Head suits limited-clearance applications.

May 23, 2003

Orbital Model 8 Series, for fusion TIG applications, welds tube and thin-wall pipe from 0.25-6.625 in. OD. When connected to cooling unit, all components are liquid cooled, including cables, clamp housings, and electrode rotor. Narrow width of head makes it suitable for applications such as welding fitting-to-fitting or fitting-to-valve body assemblies, and welding materials such as stainless... Read More

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Weld Heads allow welding of pipes and tubes in place.

Oct 22, 2002

Quickclamp Weld Heads are designed for GTAW circumferential butt welding of pipes and tubes. They cover size range from 1 in. OD tube to 6 in. pipe. Units include electronic Arc Gap Control, filler wire feed capability, torch rotation, and torch oscillation with adjustable stroke width, speed, and end point dwell. Heads mount using adjustable clamp. Standard 2 lb wire spool, mounted directly on... Read More

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Welding Head can be used with up to 500 W of power.

Oct 22, 2002

Model YW20 for Nd:YAG laser welding consists of focusing module, connector head, and collimator. It is available with or without camera adapter. Offered with working distances of 90 and 100 mm, head can be configured with recollimating housing and/or CCTV adaptor either in-line or at right angles to output laser beam. Achromatic, distortion-free optics allow precise alignment and simultaneous... Read More

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Welding Heads suit medium to large-scale resistance welding.

Oct 02, 2002

Model MH-1201A offers force from 70 to 250 lbs and provides absolute weld-to-weld consistency. Model MH-1301A, with 100 to 400 lbs of force, features integrated weld transformer and is suitable for demanding applications. Heaviest duty weld head, Model MH-1401 allows forces up to 1000 lbs. All are plug and play, benchtop units built on heavy-duty frames. They can be run with either AC or DC... Read More

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Weld Heads have overforce protection.

Jun 21, 2002

Peco 60 Series Weld Heads for small scale welding are available in opposed or parallel gap configurations, and in bench-top or automation modules. All have manual actuation with overforce protection, making them suited for fine welding applications such as medical devices, solar cells, and hybrid circuit manufacturing where operators can control part fit up and check part alignment before welding. Read More

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Weld Heads provide automated parts positioning.

May 29, 2002

F120-Z pneumatic operated pincer head precisely self-centers around parts for automated welding. MFP-Z motorized weld pliers use pincer heads that self center around parts. Motorized heads offer built-in displacement measurement. They can be fitted with quick-change electrode holders, minimizing change out time in automation. Pincer heads are suitable for small electronic packages, which are... Read More