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All-In-One Coil Joiner is suited for roll forming operations.

Jul 06, 2012

Able to service multiple converting lines, Infinite Web® delivers non-contact splicing that incorporates laser cutting and welding with single head. Features enable splicing of titanium coils and splicing on 15° bias as alternative to forming perpendicular joints; bias increases splice strength by increasing material at weld joint. Handling material thicknesses from 0.002-0.040 in., mobile... Read More

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SM8500 Hermetic Seam Sealer Provides New Application - Seam Welding Foils

Oct 03, 2008

MONROVIA, CA - September, 2008 - Thin metal or 'foil' welding is a tricky application which requires precise control of force, current, and electrode speed. Without precise control, the application may quickly turn from welding to cutting. Miyachi Unitek has expanded the capability of its SM-8500 seam welder to achieve mechanical or hermetic welds on thin metals / foils 0.002 - 0.004 inches... Read More