Welding Equipment & Supplies

Welding Equipment & Supplies

Schenke Tool adds their Second Robotic Welder to Increase Welding Capabilities

Jan 22, 2014

The Yaskawa Motoman ArcWorld Robotic welder enhances Schenke Tool Company's already extensive facility - by adding a second robotic welder; we can improve turn-around times for our customers.  This machine is especially good for small to medium sized parts produced at medium to high volumes.   One feature that makes this machine unique is its dual independent work stations, allowing us... Read More

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Tanks Direct was Contacted to Install a Complete Turn-Key Emergency Generator Fuel Distribution System

Jan 16, 2014

Rockville, MD – Tanks Direct was contacted to install a complete turn-key emergency generator fuel distribution system. This project features one (1) 3,000 gallon Xerxes fiberglass underground storage tank, four (4) Aylan duplex fuel pumpsets, a Pnuemercator Tank Monitoring & Leak Detection System, and Steel Welded Piping installed through sixteen (16) levels of building. The fuel system... Read More

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Pipe Welding Alignment Clamps cover 3/4 to 12 in. pipe range.

Jan 13, 2014

Respectively covering 1–3 in., 2–6 in., and 6–12 in. pipe size ranges, models INT 1-3, INT 2-6, and INT 6-12 feature heavy-duty, forged steel design with electroplating for rust and spatter resistance. Design accelerates alignment of different sizes of pipe with one clamp and will withstand years of heavy field use. Read More

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Quantum Announces the United Nation Certification of CNG Tanks

Jan 09, 2014

LAKE FOREST, Calif. - Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. (QTWW), a global leader in natural gas storage systems, integration and vehicle system technologies, today announced that it has been granted approval of its Type-IV Q-Lite® CNG tank technology, pursuant to United Nations ECE Regulation No. 110.  This approval allows a certain Quantum tank family to be sold into United... Read More

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Emergency Shutoff Valve targets railcars in propane industry.

Jan 07, 2014

With flow capacity up to 413 gpm, Fisher® Type N863 Snappy Joe Emergency Shutoff Valve cuts propane railcar loading/unloading time. Valve seats are available in Nitrile, Neoprene, Kalrez™, Teflon™, Viton™, and EPDM to provide broad application versatility. Valve is suitable for use with most compressed gases such as propane, anhydrous ammonia, natural gas liquids, and aerosols. Read More

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Project: Franklin Square Hospital Center

Jan 07, 2014

Project Description:  Tanks Direct was contracted to provide two (2) 30,000 gallon Fireguard fuel storage tanks.  These aboveground storage tanks feed the generators for the emergency room and patient tower renovations. Tanks Direct also supplied one (1) 1,000 gallon single wall Xerxes storage tank for the emergency room for the use of chemical wash down of hospital patients. Additional... Read More

Welding Equipment & Supplies

Low Force Ultrasonic Welder produces flawless small joints.

Dec 30, 2013

Able to produce repeatable welds with forces down to 5 N, HiQ DIALOG series Low-Force version handles small, precision mechanical parts for such applications as medical technology and microelectronics. Control technology, precision actuator, and dialog control enable precise control of each step of 1.2 sec lasting welding process. Soft-Touch technology makes it possible to slow down sonotrode... Read More

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Throttle Trip Valves are ANSI rated.

Dec 17, 2013

Combining flow control and emergency shut-off operation in single assembly, Throttle Trip Valves can be manufactured with soft packing, hardened leak-off bushings, and various materials for critical applications. As throttle valves, units regulate flow of steam and gas in large, high-pressure pipe lines. When used as trip valves, they add measure of safety critical to these applications. Valves... Read More

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Multi-Process Welder offers MIG, Stick, and Lift TIG outputs.

Dec 11, 2013

Running off 115 V power, Tweco® Fabricator® 141i offers 10–140 A of power for MIG and Lift TIG welding and 90 A for Stick welding. System incorporates built-in gas solenoid valve and wire feed system for MIG welding, as well as pushbutton controls, LED displays, and Quick Start Guide. Weighing just 32.2 lb, portable welder accepts 4 or 8 in. spools of wire and is suited for light duty... Read More

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Portable TIG Welders manage metal up to 3/8 in. thick.

Dec 11, 2013

Weighing 52 and 47 lb, respectively, AC/DC TIG/Stick-capable Dynasty® 280 and DC TIG/Stick-capable Maxstar® 280 deliver up to 280 A of output power along with smooth, stable arc. Pulse feature minimizes heat input and optimizes arc directional control, while Auto-Line™ technology allows machines to be hooked up to any input voltage within specified range. By providing pre-set welding... Read More

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MIG Gun Nozzles minimize changeovers.

Dec 06, 2013

Featuring removable nozzle cone, Quik Tip™ HD Series Nozzles minimize frequency of changeovers associated with heat degradation and routine wear. Welding operator can replace nozzle cone without having to remove or replace entire nozzle or contact tip. Design also expedites spatter cleanup by providing access to nozzle body for spatter removal. In addition, increased wall thickness and... Read More

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Linde Canada Introduces Line of Stainless Steel Welding Wire

Dec 04, 2013

MISSISSAUGA, Canada - Linde Canada Limited has introduced Linde-branded stainless steel welding wire for the Canadian metal fabrication market. The new product offer is part of the private label program for its industrial products Linde started in 2008 that includes welding equipment, consumables and safety products. Mike Dunne, marketing manager, Industrial Products-Canada, said, "In this highly... Read More

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Welding Wire targets stainless steel joining applications.

Nov 26, 2013

Manufactured under ISO 9001 certification, Stainless Steel MIG Welding Wire and TIG Welding Rod are available in 3 filler metal alloys that cover broad spectrum of stainless steel joining applications. Using welding wire with MISON® shielding gases minimizes amount of ozone and hexavalent Chromium formed during welding process while optimizing stability of arc and cutting clean up time. Read More

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Weldcraft TIG Torches and Accessories Become Part of Miller Brand

Nov 22, 2013

Miller TIG welding product lines expand to include TIG torches and torch accessories APPLETON, Wis. — Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has announced the consolidation of the TIG torch and accessory lines from Weldcraft under the Miller brand. The consolidation allows Miller to better serve distributor and end user needs by offering best-in-class TIG torches and accessories as part of a total TIG... Read More

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Industrial Robots combine performance, minimal maintenance.

Nov 21, 2013

Designed for spot welding, material handling, and machine tending, IRB 6700 series includes variants with rated payload capacity from 150–300 kg and reach from 2.6–3.2 m. These industrial robots are available with LeanID, Integrated Dressing (ID) designed for facilitated programming and minimized footprint. Built to withstand harsh work environments, robots are also available with Foundry... Read More

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Welding Guns support push-pull welding operations.

Nov 20, 2013

Applicable for MIG and Pulsed MIG operations, Magnum® PRO AL Welding Guns optimize critical-production aluminum welding by integrating wire-feeding technology that minimizes friction in wire-feed path. Air-cooled models feature 225 A rating at 60% duty cycle, while water-cooled models feature 450 A rating. Additional features include quick-change liner, EZ-Lock™ system to change or rotate... Read More

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Sciaky, Inc., Along with Technology Partner EVOBEAM GmbH of Germany, to Exhibit Extensive Range of Electron Beam Welding Solutions at FABTECH 2013

Nov 19, 2013

EB welding options include Sciaky's groundbreaking additive manufacturing technology, as well as large- and small-scale EB welding chambers for producing large structures and tiny, rapid-production parts CHICAGO – Sciaky, Inc., a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries (PSI) and large-scale additive manufacturing pioneer, announced today that it will exhibit with technology partner EVOBEAM... Read More

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Airgas' Advanced Fabrication Technologies Group to Exhibit at FABTECH

Nov 18, 2013

Company to Provide Welding and Cutting Expertise and Analysis to Attendees RADNOR, PA – Airgas, Inc. (NYSE: ARG) and its group of Advanced Fabrication specialists will exhibit at FABTECH 2013, North America's largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event, Monday, November 18 through Thursday, November 21 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. Airgas welding and... Read More

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Air-Cooled Robotic Torches provide consistent arc.

Nov 15, 2013

Rated 550 A at 100% duty cycle, Magnum® PRO Robotic Torches offer extended service life in automated MIG, pulsed MIG, and flux-cored welding. Air Blast feature introduces pulse of high-pressure shielding gas to dislodge spatter and other foreign materials at nozzle, ensuring uniform gas coverage and optimum weld quality. Using pneumatic clamp to hold wire in place as robot changes positions,... Read More

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Welding System Module expands manufacturers' capabilities.

Nov 15, 2013

Power Wave® Advanced Module performs several welding processes: shielded metal arc, metal inert gas (MIG), pulsed MIG, tungsten-electrode inert gas (TIG), and Surface Tension Transfer® (STT®). Along with AC welding capability to run aluminum processes, solution incorporates high-frequency starting mode that can be controlled at wire feeder or power source UI. Design reduces burn-through... Read More