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Sonobond's New Generation of Battery Assembly Technology Featured at Upcoming 2014 Battery Show

Jul 21, 2014

Ultrasonic spot welders achieve environmentally friendly, high-performance welding with unique and patented features. WEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania – The capabilities of the SonoWeld® 1600 and Dual Head Spot Welders will be the focus of Sonobond Ultrasonics' display at the 2014 Battery Show in Novi/Detroit, Michigan, September 16 –18. "Our units require no consumables and use lower vibration... Read More

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Ultrasonic Spot Welders work with foils as thin as 7 microns.

Jul 21, 2014

Able to weld multiple layers and/or delicate foils to tabs or terminals, SonoWeld® 1600 and Dual Head Spot Welders also accommodate battery pouch assembly and HV termination welding. Durable bonds are created in one operation that takes seconds; does not employ any heat, current, fluxes, or filler; and does not produce any arcs, sparks, or fumes. Dual Head Spot Welder can join up to 100 layers... Read More

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Power Sources and Controllers provide arc stability.

Jul 15, 2014

Combining digital process control technology with power regulation, SubArc Digital Series includes SubArc DC 650/800 Digital, SubArc DC 1000/1250 Digital, and SubArc AC/DC 1000/1250 Digital. Units can handle Submerged Arc and Electroslag applications, from DC single-arc to multi-wire tandem welding. Series also offers analog and digital interface controls and range of wire drive motors and... Read More

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Sciaky's Innovative Additive Manufacturing Systems Available to the Market Starting September 2014

Jul 11, 2014

Chicago, Illinois – Sciaky, Inc., a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries (PSI) and providers of additive manufacturing solutions for large-scale, high-value metal parts, announced today that it will be offering its groundbreaking electron beam additive manufacturing (EBAM) systems for purchase, with accelerated delivery opportunities available as early as September 1, 2014. Sciaky has... Read More

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Nickel-Based Wire targets MIG and TIG welding applications.

Jul 09, 2014

Made from nickel alloy, Techalloy® X delivers oxidation resistance in TIG and MIG welding of nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloys. Wire is suited for petrochemical applications where it provides optimized stress corrosion cracking, and for aerospace applications that are subject to high operating temperatures. In addition, Techalloy® X meets AMS 5798G chemical and tolerance requirements. Read More

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Custom Fuel Tanks serve stationary applications.

Jul 09, 2014

Used to hold combustible fuel, UL 142-listed tanks, certified for USA and Canada, are typically placed under standby power generator enclosures. Design options include multiple lifting options and either I-beam structural support or flat-top design with internal support for generator. Along with 110% secondary containment, mechanical or electronic fuel gauge, and 2 in. lockable fill port and... Read More

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Prima Power Laserdyne Demonstrates Its New Fiber Laser Welding Capabilities

Jul 02, 2014

Champlin, Minnesota:  Prima Power Laserdyne has made significant investment over the past several months in developing process and system capability for welding 2D and 3D components with high power CW and QCW fiber lasers, reports Terry VanderWert, president.     "Metals and alloys for which these capabilities have been demonstrated include 304 stainless steel, titanium alloys including... Read More

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Compact Lightweight Welding Gun reduces fumes and smoke.

Jul 01, 2014

Intended for medium- to heavy-duty solid or flux-cored welding applications, Clean Air™ Fume Extraction Gun optimizes weld fume capture, gas flow, and weld access via sliding nozzle shroud that adjusts to one of 4 fixed positions. Vacuum chamber size promotes operator comfort and control by providing joint access and visibility, while 360° vacuum hose swivel on rear of handle promotes... Read More

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Seamless Wires resist moisture pickup.

Jun 30, 2014

Available in flux-cored and metal-cored versions, Hobart® MEGAFIL® Wires have less than 4 mL of diffusible hydrogen per 100 g of weldment, which helps mitigate cracking risks. Copper coating optimizes current carrying capabilities as well as weld quality. Proprietary manufacturing process adds to consistency of wires by ensuring uniform flux filling, while uniform shape helps minimize contact... Read More

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Clips and Clamps meet high-amperage requirements.

Jun 27, 2014

Available in black or red with heavy-duty, glass-filled polyamide handle and glass-filled nylon body, High-Amperage Clips include 300 A battery Model BU102B and kelvinized Model BU102BK as well as 400 A Model BU102W for grounding of welding equipment during operation. BU-102B clips feature serrated jaws, created from stamped 100% copperplate, while BU-102W jaws are machined from 100% copper... Read More

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Rugged Welder/Generator employs Tier 4i-compliant engine.

Jun 23, 2014

Along with 600–700 A welding output, Air Vantage® 650 (K2961-1) provides 20 kW of continuous, 3-phase, 240 Vac power and 12 kW of single-phase AC power for auxiliary use. Chopper Technology® promotes maximum DC arc welding performance for stick/TIG/MIG welding, flux-cored wire, downhill pipe, and arc gouging. Users can gouge using up to ½ in. carbons with built-in air compressor and weld... Read More

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Linde Offers Line of Branded Arc Welding Machines to Canadian Market

Jun 20, 2014

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – Linde Canada Limited has introduced a line of Linde-branded arc equipment to the Canadian market. The new line includes MIG, TIG and Multi-Process machines. Mike Clune, project manager-marketing, said, "We're excited about these offerings to our customers. They represent decades of experience, building on Linde's in-depth understanding of the welding industry." The new... Read More

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ESABS Most Portable Welding & Cutting Machines Just Got More Portable

Jun 12, 2014

Florence, SC -- ESAB Welding & Cutting Products introduces convenient carrying cases for two of its most portable welding and cutting machines, MiniArc® 161LTS power source for GTAW/Stick welding and PowerCut® 400 manual plasma cutting system. These lightweight, highly portable systems are now more portable than ever, making them ideal for transport on or offsite as the job demands. Weighing... Read More

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New Bernard Best of the Best Platform Allows Users to Build Their Ultimate MIG Welding Gun

Jun 11, 2014

BEECHER, Ill., – Bernard has announced the availability of its most flexible and rugged semi-automatic air-cooled MIG gun offering to date: Best of the Best (BTB) Platform MIG Guns. Users can build their ultimate MIG gun by choosing from an expanded list of the best features from the legacy Bernard Q-Gun™, S-Gun™ and T-Gun™ MIG Gun lines. The company has consolidated the top features from... Read More

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Welding Electrode exhibits smooth arc transfer.

Jun 09, 2014

Available in .045, .052, and 1/16 in. diameters, Select 707 E71T-1 Flux Cored Gas-Shielded Electrode provides optimized weldability at low or high current settings while exhibiting arc stability. All-position wire also delivers robust mechanical properties at temperatures as low as -20°F. Applications include general fabrication, structural steel, construction equipment, railcar fabrication, and... Read More

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MIG Push-Pull Welding Systems target specific industries.

Jun 06, 2014

In addition to Magnum® PRO AL air-cooled push-pull gun and aluminum drive roll kits, multi-process POWER MIG® 350MP Trailer Manufacturing One-Pak™ includes SuperGlaze 5356 TM™ 3/64 in. diameter MIG wire specifically developed for aluminum trailer manufacturing industry. Another One-Pak® package, specifically targeted toward aluminum automotive collision repair and fabrication, has same... Read More

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Experienced Kubiec-Conduit Producer Chooses Thermatool Equipment for Mill in Ecuador

Jun 04, 2014

Kubiec-Conduit, Ecuador, selected Thermatool to supply a 200kW HAZControl™ Technology Welder and an Alpha® Flying Shear Mach 2 Cutoff. The two new pieces of equipment were selected for high speed production of conduit to keep up with growing demand in South America. The Thermatool HAZControl™ Technology Welder is the only welder in the tube and pipe industry that allows the operator to... Read More

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MIG Welding Guns suit light- and heavy-duty applications.

May 28, 2014

Designed specifically for use with aluminum wire and other soft alloys where wire feeding consistency is critical, Spoolmatic Pro 15A and 30A come with 15 ft and 30 ft cable, respectively. Motor provides smooth feeding, while brass-to-brass connections help ensure optimal electrical contact for steady arc performance. Threaded quick-change 360° rotatable barrels, available in different bends and... Read More

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Odd Form Component Feeder does not require any downtime.

May 27, 2014

Stack Stick Feeder is suited for feeding odd-form components to Sigma Series modular mounters. Able to concurrently accommodate up to 6 sticks, each with max length of 23.6 in., feeder incorporates auto change feature that replaces empty sticks with full ones automatically. Design eliminates need to stop production, and changeover time is 2 sec. Read More

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Two Linde-Branded MIG Welding Wires Available to Canadian Fabrication Market

May 27, 2014

Mississauga, Canada — Linde Canada Limited is supplying two Linde-branded welding wires – Solidarc 115™ and Linde S-6™ – to the Canadian fabrication market. Solidarc 115™ is a cold-drawn, copper-coated MIG welding wire recommended for welding on metals with a medium to high presence of mill scale, the flaky surface of hot rolled steel. Mike Clune, project manager-marketing for Linde... Read More