Waste Management & Waste Handling Equipment

Flocculation Treatment of Vibratory Water

Jun 18, 2012

Flocculation is a waste water treatment process that uses a clay polymer to coagulate the solids in the vibratory waste water stream. This coagulation generates larger particles of the contaminants and metals which then can be filtered out of the waste stream. This is typically accomplished via a paper bed filer or a centrifuge. Once this floc is removed from the waste stream the filtered water... Read More

Waste Management & Waste Handling Equipment

Flocculators accelerate settling in slurries and liquids.

Aug 12, 2009

Designed to accommodate pipeline volumes from 4-24 in. in diameter, Magnetic Flocculators contain Erium 25 magnetic material for optimal peak recovery and separation. Units have no parts to wear out and can be custom engineered to meet specific requirements. Available in 3 standard strengths, flocculators are suited for any application where ferrous particles are suspended in water, including... Read More