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BinMaster Promotes K-State Bulk Solids Innovation Center

Aug 07, 2015

K-State has unveiled the Kansas State University Bulk Solids Innovation Center in Salina, Kansas. This $3.5 million facility is the first, and only one, of its kind in North America and will provide students with the opportunity to learn from valuable hands-on experience. It is designed as a space to research the science behind bulk solids materials. With an improved understanding, business... Read More

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AM Conservation Group Now Facilitating Direct Install Programs

Oct 16, 2013

Todd Recknagel, CEO of AM Conservation Group & Gina Mathias, Director of Sales & Marketing at ecobeco now Implementing Successful Energy Conservation Programs for Utility Companies Although the concept of energy efficiency programs is not new, a recent increase in demand has resulted from the desire for a smaller carbon footprint. Environmental concerns come from mainstream culture, and are no... Read More

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Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. Offers Membrane System Coupled with Batch Reactor Process

Dec 10, 2008

The Aqua-Aerobic® MBR system utilizes a unique time-managed, sequential aeration process to promote biological nutrient removal and provides direct filtration of high-level MLSS with PURON(TM) submerged membranes, manufactured by Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. Advantages of the system include addressing equalization, nitrification and denitrification within a single reactor while minimizing power... Read More

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Impeller is optimized for surface aeration applications.

Sep 02, 2008

Suited for higher-RPM wastewater applications in industrial/municipal facilities combating solids, sludge, rag, and increased volume challenges, Talon(TM) provides maximum oxygen transfer rate while achieving efficient mixing and biological nutrient removal. Curved, large-diameter design promotes flow and oxygen transfer with standard aeration efficiency of up to 4.5 lb O2/hp-hr. Product can... Read More

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Mixing and Aeration System suits water/wastewater treatment.

Jul 11, 2008

RAPTOR Directional Mixing & Aeration System simultaneously aerates and mixes wastewater to improve oxygenation by creating circular flow pattern within industrial and municipal lagoons or basins. Propeller design pushes fluid over diffuser while ensuring uniformity of fluid acceleration. Available in floating and fixed configurations, it operates in both nitrification and de-nitrification modes.... Read More

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Dissolved Oxygen Generator suits various industries.

Dec 19, 2007

Aerator/Dissolved Oxygen Generator produces 100 cfm of actual air flow per minute per hp. It is constructed from stainless steel and installs without requiring piping, building, or foundations. Used instead of bio-filters, product does not use any chemicals and is suited for operation with wastewater, sewer pump stations, lagoons, hog and dairy farms, as well as aquaculture applications. Read More

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AquaMaster's Five Year Masters Series Warranty

Apr 10, 2007

As was recently announced by AquaMaster's President Nick Nigrelli at The Golf Industry Show, all 1-5 HP AquaMaster® The Masters Series® Floating Fountain Aerators now have an in-water components Five Year Warranty. This new coverage is retroactive to January 1, 2007 and applies to all Series 304 and 316 Stainless Steel units in fresh water applications only. "The overwhelming success, both... Read More

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Oxygenator inhibits anaerobic multiplication.

Jan 16, 2007

Suited for 50-100 gal sumps, Large Oxygenator aerates coolant and wash water to help prevent bacterial rancidity. Industrial-grade tubing, equipped with air diffusers, disperses tiny air bubbles into fluid, discouraging growth of anaerobic bacteria. Unit also serves to extend coolant life, eliminate foul odors, and maintain oxygen levels. Read More

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Aeration Compressor self regulates airflow in wastewater.

Jun 22, 2005

Featuring frequency converter and magnetic bearings, HST Integral(TM) High-Speed Turbocompressor automatically senses and compensates for surge conditions and maintains steady aeration flow in wastewater operations. It has non-contacting rotating parts, so there is no need for oil lubrication or fluid cooling systems. Automated PLC monitor handles multiple compressors, variable process changes,... Read More

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Aerators are designed to help fix flow problems.

Jun 02, 2005

Available in kits for installation in bins, hoppers, silos, and bulk carriers, VibraPad(TM) Aerators increase rate and consistency of flow for dry bulk materials. Products combine fluidizing air with mechanical vibration to set dry bulk materials in motion, eliminating bridging, rat-holing, and compacting of dry bulk solids. Units are abrasion-resistant for use with most dry solids and are... Read More

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Aeration System offers solution for oxidation ditches.

Oct 12, 2004

HALO System uses low-speed surface aeration technology to control BOD removal, nitrification/de-nitrification, and biological phosphorous removal. It handles varying load capacities, minimizes operational complexity, and facilitates operational control. Read More

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Bin Aerator suits difficult aeration applications.

Mar 19, 2003

Available for high-pressure and high-temperature applications, Flo-Pad fluidizes materials in bins, hoppers, and silos without noise and vibration associated with pneumatic or electric vibrators. Product uses multiple evassers, with neoprene boots that prevent material backflow, mounted on one air plenum chamber inside vessel for multi-directional air release. Read More

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Aeration/Mixing System eliminates dead spots in tank.

Nov 19, 2002

FloGet provides mixing and simultaneous aeration of all types of liquids. It incorporates submersible pump, air suction tube, and ejector/diffuser nozzle. System is suitable for any type of tank regardless of size, shape, or depth. Using different ejectors, FloGet can perform different tasks, including oxygenation, CO2 neutralization, sludge recycling, ozone treatment, mixing, foam... Read More

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Bin Aerator promotes material flow.

Jun 06, 2002

Without noise or vibration as caused by pneumatic or electric vibrators, Evasser bin aerator promotes flow of dry bulk powders from storage vessels. Its effective radius is 12 in., and various configurations are available to fit bulk powders and granular solids applications. Evasser is available in cast iron or 316 stainless steel construction. Normally supplied with black Neoprene boot, FDA... Read More

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Aerator restores flow characteristics to bulk materials.

Apr 08, 2002

Bin-Flo(R) Aerator restores original capacity of any dry, pulverized material to flow readily from bins, hoppers, or through chutes. This flow characteristic exists when air is present in material. After storage, air escapes, allowing material to pack, thus preventing flow. Aerator replaces air so material again moves freely. Aerator layout can be designed for any variations in bin size and... Read More

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Rectangular Air Pad requires minimal maintenance.

Jan 31, 2002

Monitor rectangular air pad promotes flow of dry bulk powders in storage vessels. By continuously introducing air into body of dry powder, air pad is able to maintain fluid like characteristic of aerated powder. Its effective radius is 10 in., and it can adapt to most bin configurations. External mounting kit is available. Air pad is suitable for dry powder applications including cement, resins,... Read More

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Submersible Aerator stirs up sewage.

Nov 16, 2001

Multi-Aspirator mixes and aerates screened municipal or industrial wastewater containing up to 6% solids, and aspirates oxygen at liquid depth of up to 28 ft, all without need for blower. It can be dry-installed in empty tank or wet-installed in tank containing wastewater or sludge. Unit has stainless steel lifting harness and is simply lowered in place with crane. Anchors are not required to... Read More