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AFL Industries' Specialty Wastewater Treatment Product Line Upgraded

Feb 02, 2016

AFL Oil Stop Valves To Be Showcased at EUEC Conference RIVIERA BEACH, FL — Since its acquisition of AFL Industries (www.aflindustries.com), RGF Environmental Group, Inc. has significantly grown the global footprint and brand for this manufacturer of high-quality, prefabricated oil/water separators, oil stop valves and other specialty wastewater... Read More

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Mississippi Utility Association Enters Public-Private Partnership with Severn Trent Services

Jan 14, 2013

Severn Trent will operate nine wastewater treatment plants owned by the Desoto County Regional Utility Association. FORT WASHINGTON, Pa. - The Desoto County Regional Utility Association (DCRUA) based in Hernando, Miss., has entered a public-private partnership with Severn Trent Services. In late 2012, Severn Trent took responsibility for the complete operation, maintenance and management of the... Read More

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New Technology Revolutionizes Septage Receiving

Jul 09, 2012

Rockford, Illinois - Enviro-Care and SAVI S.r.l. introduced the Flo-Septage Station DM at IFAT in Munich Germany. This is the first piece of equipment that has been designed specifically for septage receiving. The DM unit is not just a screen in a tank with a ball valve. During IFAT, the size, unique appearance and innovative design, earned the DM unit a nickname, "The Beast". Here are just a few... Read More

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Ridgeline Launches Water Storage System

Nov 30, 2011

Storage Units Provide Treatment Capability with Large Capacity Fresh Water and Waste Water Storage Environmental Benefits Include Enhanced Recycling Efficiency and Reduced Need for Surface Water in Fracing Operations CALGARY - Ridgeline Energy Services Inc. (TSX-V: RLE) ("Ridgeline") announces that it is in final stages of constructing its new Zero Impact water storage units. The units will... Read More

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Oil and Solids Separation System pretreats wastewater streams.

Jun 15, 2010

With fully automatic operation, Centrifugal Coalescing Clarifier (CCC)-400 and CCC-600 Tanks remove free oil and heavy solids as pretreatment to sanitary sewer or for reclamation. Transportable units, adaptable for chemical additions such as Flocking and pH Control, require minimal maintenance and support optional Ozone or chemical treatment introduction to enhance oil floatation and solids... Read More

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Liquid Storage Tanks have modular, bolt-together design.

Feb 10, 2009

Built to meet liquid containment specifications, ModuStor free-standing and anchored bolted steel round tanks are available in various shapes with diameters from 12-100+ ft and capacities exceeding 1,000,000 gal. Tanks can be erected on any firm surface and require minimal site prep. While leak protection is provided via double liner leak detection systems, floating covers are fabricated from... Read More

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Complete Line of Versatile Modular Tanks in New ModuTank Catalog

Aug 13, 2008

For over 38 years ModuTank has been the leading source for modular tanks in any shape and size or environment. ModuTanks are heavy duty square or rectangular for storage in agricultural and aquaculture applications. Econotanks have similar footprints and are economical alternatives to costly standard tanks. Tanks are available for above ground storage, hazardous material, sludge, slurry,... Read More

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Roto-Mold Tanks offer custom shapes and colors.

Aug 12, 2004

Made from polypropylene, polyethylene, PVDF, and Halar, impact-resistant Roto Mold Tanks are available with or without insulation in .25 or .50 in. gage. Standard tanks come in vertical, horizontal, open top, domed, and rectangular shapes with up to 10,000 gal capacity. They are suited for chemical storage, wastewater storage, marine applications, and high-temperature uses. Tanks using... Read More

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Wastewater Treatment System suits restaurants.

Nov 18, 2002

Modular FAST® can be installed below ground and provides clear, odorless effluent, ready for subsurface discharge. It accommodates constant fluctuations encountered by small-flow, on-site applications. System consists of tank packed with fixed media that is totally submerged in wastewater. Influent enters system and is circulated through media in aeration tank. Zone underneath media allows... Read More

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Wastewater Chamber offers alternative to leach fields.

Jun 24, 2002

Narrow EnviroChamber is made from HPDE with open bottom, solid top, and louvered sidewalls. Effective infiltrative area is more than 50% greater than stone and pipe leach field system. Sidewall has louvers to help prevent soil intrusion and allow more oxygen transfer through soil. Snap on end plate eliminates need for screws and power tools. Strong and lightweight HDPE material means no heavy... Read More