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Light Curtains and Grids conform to IEC 61496-1 and -2.

Mar 06, 2002

ECO type 2 light curtains and light grids utilize 17 x 33 mm housings and M12 connectors, and carry IP 65 protection rating. ECO functions include separate transmission channels to prevent mutual interference, contamination and error signals, self diagnosis system, and ability to integrate stepping-behind protection by cascading multiple devices. Detection capability comes with 30, 55, or 80 m... Read More

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LED Displays may be placed together for additional length.

Mar 05, 2002

LED Displays with built-in IC Drivers, designed in 0.54 and 0.56 in. packages, offer CMOS technology and continuous brightness control. Displays can operate within power supply range of 3.5 to 10 V, are TTL compatib1e, and provide 34 or 35 outputs with 20mA sink capability. Model BD-E522RI-DR1 offers dual digit LED display with alphanumeric or numerical digits, and Model BT-M522RD-DR1 offers... Read More

Vision Systems

Machine Vision System performs fast measurements without PC.

Mar 01, 2002

CV-751 Controller, with on-screen test function and 0.1 pixel measurement, uses shade scale processor to recognize differences in hue and density. It detects metal parts on similarly colored surfaces and inspects and measures targets with subtle color variations. Application Specific IC (ASIC) processor provides pattern search and measurement at speeds 10 times faster than conventional systems.... Read More

Vision Systems

Digital Cameras work in materials research.

Mar 01, 2002

AxioCam MRc digital color camera uses 12-bit digitization for image and color quality and 36-bit color depth for resolvable brightness graduations. Variable exposure times accommodate applications such as particle size analysis, layer thickness measurements, determination of surface and grain borders, and structural analysis. MRm Peltier-cooled monochrome camera also is available. Read More

Vision Systems

Digital Camera captures license plate images.

Feb 27, 2002

Intelligent Selections(TM) takes pictures of vehicles in drive-in lanes of banks and credit unions with resolution that allows license plate data to be clearly seen and understood. They are captured in Bitmap format, compressed 40X and stored according to time/date/camera number and alarm number, which are available for sorting, viewing, printing and copying from any PC attached to network. Up to... Read More

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Imaging System focuses laser onto work surface.

Feb 22, 2002

CIA coaxial imaging accessory consists of high-resolution CCD camera and AR-coated optics. It mates to any fiber-coupled diode laser to provide direct on-axis, fixed-focus imaging of laser beam at work surface. Coaxial view of laser beam eliminates parallax errors associated with off-axis imaging and ensures precise placement of laser beam. Applications include laser soldering, marking, welding,... Read More

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Thermal Imaging System has accuracy to 2 degrees C.

Feb 19, 2002

Stinger Thermal Imaging System offers uncooled Focal Plain Array (FPA) 320 x 240 sensor, and provides on-line, radiometric thermal imaging. Real-time video captures data from up to 50 areas of interests at rates up to 60 frames per second. Test and playback features allow data to be captured, stored as image files, or exported. System includes Stinger camera with focusing lens, Windows® 2000... Read More

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CCD Color Video Camera can be remotely controlled.

Feb 14, 2002

Model XC-555 integrated 1/2 type Interline Transfer (IT) CCD color video camera offers 1-piece design. Measuring 22 x 22 x 75 mm, camera obtains video output signal by providing 12 Vdc power supply. It provides 768 x 494 effective pixels with horizontal resolution of 470 TV lines and 48 dB signal-to-noise. CCD-IRIS function and Automatic Gain Control deal with various lighting options without... Read More

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Machine Vision Lenses fit 1.3 megapixel cameras.

Feb 12, 2002

Megapixel Lenses, for 2/3 in. CCD image format, are available in 3 focal lengths: 16mm F/1.4, 25mm F/1.4 and 50mm F/2.8. 25 and 50 mm lenses have 0% distortion, providing optical performance from corner to corner, and making them suitable for machine vision applications where close inspection of small objects is needed. Lenses have locking screws for focus and iris adjustments, important when... Read More

Vision Systems

35mm Lens fits CCD machine vision cameras.

Feb 12, 2002

Model 23FM35L 35mm F/2.1 machine vision lens fits mid-range applications between 25mm wide-angle and 50 mm telephoto lenses. It has 30.5mm dia and filter size of 25.5mm. Distortion compensation ensures high resolution from corner to corner even at close minimum focusing distance of 0.3m. Locking mechanisms on focus and iris make it suitable for use in places with significant vibrations. Read More

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Smart Camera has multiple 110 lines.

Feb 12, 2002

Model VC 2028 intelligent camera and image processing system has computational power of 1200 MIPS, 16 Mbytes SDRAM image/data memory with 2 Mbytes of flash EPROM for program and data storage (expandable). VC 2038 can acquire full frame 640 (H) x 480 (V) pixels at 40 and 20 frames per second. Process interface allows 4 inputs and 4 outputs; video output is via 800x600, 46.875 MHz SVGA monitor. Read More

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Portable Camera requires no external power source.

Feb 12, 2002

Ventus Portable color inspection camera is air powered, air cooled, and air purged. It provides continuous video images inside high temperature processes. Camera includes lens temperature display, DC generator output display and 380 TV lines of resolution. It is available with choice of lens lengths and viewing angles. Ventus Portable is suitable for temporary inspections, and can be permanently... Read More

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Digital Color Camera comes with two 6-pin 1394 ports.

Feb 12, 2002

Model DX 10-1394a digital color camera, for industrial applications, is based on IEEE 1394 transfer technology. Digitized image data is transferred via 1394 interface, and all camera parameters can be controlled via universal high-speed bus. Camera control is asynchronous, but video data is transferred with guaranteed bandwidth in isochronous mode. 400 Mbit interface transfers 30 full frames per... Read More

Vision Systems

Confocal Module resolves line widths below 0.2 nm.

Feb 07, 2002

Confocal module allows sub-micron confocal inspection using LU Series CFI60 objectives without loss of numerical aperature (NA). Available in real-time, confocal images are visible through eyepieces or its vertical port. Module offers 2 confocal modes, tilting binocular tube, 2:1 intermediate zoom for eyepieces and vertical port, 150x (NA 1.2) water immersion objective lens, and HMX bayonet... Read More

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Fiber Optic Panels backlight keyboards with one LED.

Feb 07, 2002

UniGlo® Panels are thin plastic optical fiber backlighting devices that can backlight full-travel computer keyboards and flat panel membrane switch keyboard overlays with single LED (2.1 VDC @ 30mA) light source. They provide thin (.010 in. min) uniform panel of light that is heat- and EMI-free. Panels have operating temperature range of -40 to 80 degrees C, are not affected by temperature... Read More

Vision Systems

Machine Vision Camera captures high-speed images.

Feb 06, 2002

GP-MF602 B&W Machine Vision Camera is suitable for high-speed machine vision and flexible manufacturing applications. 1/2 in. IT CCD, with 768 H x 494 V pixels, produces 570 lines of horizontal resolution with minimum scene illumination, 0.5 lux at F1.4 and S/N of 56dB. Variable-speed, 7-step, electronic shutter works from 1/125 to 1/10,000 sec. Camera has user-accessible, pedestal-level control,... Read More

Vision Systems

Digital Camera provides high-resolution color images.

Feb 05, 2002

DT4000 acquires images with resolution of 1,600 x 1,200 pixels at rate of 10 frames/sec in color and monochrome configurations. Large-format 1 in. CCD sensor has 7.4 micron pixels for high sensitivity. Color models deliver 24 or 30 bit color image data directly from camera. Multisync monitor plugs directly into camera to display crisp real-time preview of image. DT4000 offers choice of CameraLink... Read More

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Welding Lens is suited for low light conditions.

Jan 31, 2002

Speedglas(R) FlexView has 4.75 x 3.6 in. spring-mounted clear polycarbonate lens that flips up for weld preparation. Auto-darkening lens allows for grinding and cleaning, alignment of electrodes and inspection of newly completed welds, all with eye and face protection. It offers clear view combined with breathable, Speedglas 9000 CO2 reducing helmet. Lens meets ANSI Z87.1 industrial eye and face... Read More

Vision Systems

Color Camera outputs precise and detailed RGB signals.

Jan 29, 2002

Model IK-TF1 offers 3CCD micro prism system, C-Mount, and 10 lux sensitivity. One-piece camera provides 570 lines of resolution and 64 dB signal-to-noise ratio. Co-Site Sampling arrangement of its three 1/3 in., 410,000 pixel IT-CCDs results in capture of computer-ready color images and reduced smear. Functions include 9-step electronic shutter system (1/60 to 1/50,000 sec), automatic and manual... Read More

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LED Lamps shunt leakage current.

Jan 23, 2002

Lamp-based LS Series bipolar LEDs can directly replace incandescent bulbs regardless of polarity. They have built-in shunt resistor to eliminate unwanted illumination caused by leakage current as low as 0.25mA from PLCs, relays and capacitors. Lamps are solid-state devices with 100,000-hour life, shock and vibration resistance, low heat, and low power consumption. Read More