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IR Cameras locate electrical and mechanical problems.

Apr 08, 2002

Handheld ThermaCAM E-Series offers crisp thermal imaging, precision temperature measurement and in-field JPEG image storage. Cameras include uncooled microbolometer IR detector that produces images which can be viewed on integral 2.5 in. LCD. TV rate (60Hz) imaging allows users to quickly scan moving targets and record subtle temperature changes in real-time. Laser LocatIR(TM) helps users... Read More

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LED Headlamp provides 3-way lighting.

Apr 08, 2002

Worn around head, Trident(TM) hands-free flashlight is equipped with 1 krypton bulb and 3 LED bulbs that can be adjusted for varying degrees of lighting. LEDs are rated at up to 100,000 hours each. Trident offers 90 deg tilting head and spot-to-flood focus, and operates on 3 AAA alkaline batteries that provide up to 150 hours of power. Adjustable elastic strap ensures secure fit. Thermoplastic... Read More

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Maintenance Package allows hands-free access to data.

Apr 08, 2002

Featuring Nomad(TM) Personal Display System, Expert Maintenance Package superimposes technical data and procedural instructions in service technicians' field of view, allowing hands-free access to data at point of task. Head-worn system presents images and information to user on see-through virtual 17 in. display. It includes voice activated software and optional wireless communication to remote... Read More

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Security Cameras suit indoor or outdoor applications.

Apr 08, 2002

SSC-M183 and SSC-M383 are monochrome video cameras and SSC-DC193 and SSC-DC393 are color video cameras. SSC-M183 and SSC-DC193 incorporate Super HAD(TM) CCD technology, providing clear image even in low light conditions. SSC-M383 and SSC-DC393 utilize 1/3 IT CCD with EXwave HAD technology. All cameras utilize Turbo AGC (up to 24dB), allowing them to clearly distinguish subjects in low light... Read More

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Compact Camera has USB output.

Mar 30, 2002

IC-600 Mini Camera offers magnification ranging from room view to 230x without changing lenses. It includes independently controlled dual-LED ring lights and easy-to-read magnification scale. USB output allows camera to directly interface with most computers, including laptops, without purchasing additional hardware. Read More

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Inspection Software views thermal profiles of molds.

Mar 27, 2002

Mold Inspector Software combined with Stringer Thermal Imaging Camera, provides real-time images of hot molds at speeds up to 60 frames/second. Data can be stored for playback at different speeds, used for online process control, or exported into database for quality control. Min, Max, and Avg temperature data can be displayed numerically for each Area Of Interest (AOI). Software is useful for... Read More

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Dual-Chip LEDs range in brightness from 660 to 470 nm.

Mar 25, 2002

Series RAB362 right angle, single-level LED illuminators, for back- and edge-lighting applications, measure 0.362 in. long x 0.043 in. wide x 0.059 in. high. Bi-pin design aligns status indicators precisely. Available in Ultra Sunlight Visible and Standard Intensity versions, LEDs offer water-clear lenses and 120 deg angles. Average life span is 100,000+ hours. Solid-state design renders LEDs... Read More

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Dome Camera covers wide areas.

Mar 22, 2002

Ceiling-mounted Model PTC-200C camera has 90 deg/sec pan/tilt speed, adjustable backlight compensation, iris settings, motion detection, white and color balance, AGC, and edge enhancement compensation. It covers 300 deg horizontally and 120 deg vertically. Programmable pre-sets provide flexibility to capture details from closeups of individuals to wide-angle shots. Each camera is... Read More

Vision Systems

Vision Sensors can integrate with automation devices.

Mar 18, 2002

In-Sight(TM) 4000 Series vision sensors offer dual processors for simultaneous, dedicated vision processing and network communications. Models include: In-Sight 4000 with fast frame rate; high resolution (1024 x 768) In-Sight 4001; and In-Sight 4100 remote head camera for harsh industrial environments. Sensors have built-in Ethernet communications; vision tool library for locating, inspecting,... Read More

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Video Camera is equipped with C lens mount.

Mar 15, 2002

Model XCD-SX900UV black-and-white, digital CCD video camera offers near-ultraviolet (UV) sensitivity. It incorporates 1/2-type Interline Transfer (IT) progressive scan CCD sensor, and provides spectral range of 230 to 1000 nm. Camera also offers SXGA video format 1280 (H) x 960 (V). Able to integrate into machine vision systems, it measures 44 x 33 x 116 mm, and withstands industrial shock and... Read More

Vision Systems

High-Speed Domes incorporate 1/4 in. CCD color cameras.

Mar 14, 2002

Compact 5-inch domes, with DSP circuitry, deliver high-resolution 470TVL images. Variable scan speed models provide 360 deg continuous pan rotation at travel speeds from 0.1 to 375 deg/sec with 180 deg auto turnaround. ESD-300DR Day/Night dome features Digital Slow shutter and removable IR cut filters. 23x optical zoom has 10x programmable, digital zoom. ESD-300S has 22x optical zoom, zoom speeds... Read More

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Software automatically extracts title block information.

Mar 12, 2002

RasterID intelligent Title Block contents recognition software offers built-in, trainable OCR technology and application hooks for third party developers. Archived data can be pulled into Excel or saved as raw text and archived. Scanned drawings are indexed by information contained in drawing's title block. Users can customize/define fields from which data is exported. RasterID has full-featured... Read More

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LED Array comes in any color combination.

Mar 06, 2002

Intelligent 10-segment LED linear-scaled display is suitable for power, voltage, or VU meters in applications such as process control panels, audio equipment and sound equipment. It has 10 horizontal 0.050 x 0.160 in. windows, and programmable on-board driver that allows intensity of individual bars to be adjusted electronically. Driver can change display from bar graph to moving-dot type. LED is... Read More

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Light Curtains and Grids conform to IEC 61496-1 and -2.

Mar 06, 2002

ECO type 2 light curtains and light grids utilize 17 x 33 mm housings and M12 connectors, and carry IP 65 protection rating. ECO functions include separate transmission channels to prevent mutual interference, contamination and error signals, self diagnosis system, and ability to integrate stepping-behind protection by cascading multiple devices. Detection capability comes with 30, 55, or 80 m... Read More

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LED Displays may be placed together for additional length.

Mar 05, 2002

LED Displays with built-in IC Drivers, designed in 0.54 and 0.56 in. packages, offer CMOS technology and continuous brightness control. Displays can operate within power supply range of 3.5 to 10 V, are TTL compatib1e, and provide 34 or 35 outputs with 20mA sink capability. Model BD-E522RI-DR1 offers dual digit LED display with alphanumeric or numerical digits, and Model BT-M522RD-DR1 offers... Read More

Vision Systems

Machine Vision System performs fast measurements without PC.

Mar 01, 2002

CV-751 Controller, with on-screen test function and 0.1 pixel measurement, uses shade scale processor to recognize differences in hue and density. It detects metal parts on similarly colored surfaces and inspects and measures targets with subtle color variations. Application Specific IC (ASIC) processor provides pattern search and measurement at speeds 10 times faster than conventional systems.... Read More

Vision Systems

Digital Cameras work in materials research.

Mar 01, 2002

AxioCam MRc digital color camera uses 12-bit digitization for image and color quality and 36-bit color depth for resolvable brightness graduations. Variable exposure times accommodate applications such as particle size analysis, layer thickness measurements, determination of surface and grain borders, and structural analysis. MRm Peltier-cooled monochrome camera also is available. Read More

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Digital Camera captures license plate images.

Feb 27, 2002

Intelligent Selections(TM) takes pictures of vehicles in drive-in lanes of banks and credit unions with resolution that allows license plate data to be clearly seen and understood. They are captured in Bitmap format, compressed 40X and stored according to time/date/camera number and alarm number, which are available for sorting, viewing, printing and copying from any PC attached to network. Up to... Read More

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Imaging System focuses laser onto work surface.

Feb 22, 2002

CIA coaxial imaging accessory consists of high-resolution CCD camera and AR-coated optics. It mates to any fiber-coupled diode laser to provide direct on-axis, fixed-focus imaging of laser beam at work surface. Coaxial view of laser beam eliminates parallax errors associated with off-axis imaging and ensures precise placement of laser beam. Applications include laser soldering, marking, welding,... Read More

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Thermal Imaging System has accuracy to 2 degrees C.

Feb 19, 2002

Stinger Thermal Imaging System offers uncooled Focal Plain Array (FPA) 320 x 240 sensor, and provides on-line, radiometric thermal imaging. Real-time video captures data from up to 50 areas of interests at rates up to 60 frames per second. Test and playback features allow data to be captured, stored as image files, or exported. System includes Stinger camera with focusing lens, Windows® 2000... Read More