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Wall-Mount Atomic Clock is traceable to NIST standards.

Feb 11, 2004

With accuracy to 1/10,000 of one second, Traceable® Digital Radio Atomic Wall Clock displays time in AM/PM or 24-hr time with month, date, day of week, and ambient temperature in °C and °F. Radio signal from NIST in Colorado automatically adjusts clock to precise time, daylight savings, leap year, and leap seconds. Individually serial-numbered Traceable® Certificate indicates... Read More

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Synch Module includes Stratum 3E capabilities.

Dec 22, 2003

Measuring 2.05 x 1.25 x .75 in., SM3E timing module provides clock output that meets/exceeds Stratum 3E specifications given in GR-1244-CORE, GR-253-CORE, and ITU-T G.812. Complete system clock module features 8 auto select input references from 8 kHz to 77.76 MHz; phase build-out; and 3 CMOS outputs, 8 kHz to 77.76 MHz. Other offerings include hitless reference switching, master/slave operation... Read More

Timers & Clocks

Multifunction Timer comes in compact housing.

Dec 22, 2003

Packaged in 17.5 mm wide DIN rail mount housing, DMB51 Series is powered by 12-240 V AC/DC, offers one SPDT 8 A relay output, and provides timing ranges to 100 hr. Time delay functions include: delay on operate, interval, interval on trigger open, double interval, delay on release, and symmetrical recycler (with relay on or off first). Read More

Timers & Clocks

Digital Stopwatch displays temperature and humidity.

Oct 29, 2003

In addition to measuring temperature and relative humidity, Model HW30 calculates and displays heat index and allows user to set heat index alarm. Unit provides stopwatch timing to 1/100th of a second. It includes Fastest/Slowest/Average lap recall, 99-lap counter with 30 lap/split memory, 10 hr countdown timer with audible beeper warning for last 5 sec, and programmable alarm. Clock displays in... Read More

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Interval Counter uses reciprocal counting techniques.

Oct 01, 2003

Model GTX2220 delivers frequency, period, totalize, and time interval functions in PXI form factor. Reciprocal counting provides fixed number of digits of resolution for all frequencies, rather than fixed resolution in Hz for same gate time. Counter provides 2,300 measurements/sec and features 10 digits/sec of resolution for frequencies from 1 Hz to 1.3 GHz. It can determine any frequency to 7... Read More

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Time Clock provides record keeping for small businesses.

Sep 01, 2003

Model 5000E Plus performs time recording to track and control payroll; date/time stamping to imprint documents for time-sensitive identification; and 8-digit numbering for tracking sequential documents. Unit features large print window, 13 preset comments, and 3-button user programming. It offers perpetual calendar, automatic daylight savings and leap year adjustments, optional battery for... Read More

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Clock provides time, temperature, and humidity.

Aug 25, 2003

Traceable® Futuristic Clock/Thermometer/Humidity is visible from up to 20 ft. Display shows precise quartz-crystal timing with 0.01% accuracy, temperatures from -37 to +47°C and -34 to +116°F with 1.5°C accuracy, and relative humidity from 8-92% with ±5% accuracy. Low-profile, ABS impact-resistant case measures 12½ x 11 x 1 in. Clock dial diameter is 9 in., and temperature and... Read More

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Time Recorder calculates payroll or job costs.

Aug 20, 2003

Model 7000E calculates worked time between punches and prints accumulated totals directly on time card for up to 50 active employees or jobs. It also calculates actual or rounded time, and supports automatic break deduction. Unit prints in AM/PM, 24 hr, or 1/100th of an hour, and adjusts for short months, leap year, and daylight savings. Internal lithium battery maintains time, card totals, and... Read More

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Process Time Indicator can be configured as ratemeter.

Jul 16, 2003

Model 877X indicates process time of continuous processes. Sensor or encoder provides pulses for unit to monitor. Time between pulses is measured, and internal calculations are made to apply appropriate scaling factor, enabling unit to indicate actual time taken for items to travel through process. Unit has bright LED display and is available in ac- and dc-powered versions. Dual relay output,... Read More

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Double Display Timer is traceable to NIST standards.

Jul 01, 2003

Traceable® Double Display Timer allows simultaneous programming of 2 activities from 20 hr to 1 sec, with 1 sec resolution and 0.01% accuracy. Each channel has distinct electronic alarm and display indicator when zero is reached; timer automatically counts up from zero to indicate time since alarming. Second display mode shows time of day and stopwatch. With ½ inch high digits that can be... Read More

Timers & Clocks

USB Watch Flash Drive stores up to 256 MB of data.

Jun 10, 2003

EDGE DiskGO!(TM) Watch, available in 128 and 256 MB capacities, serves as fully functional watch with integrated USB 1.1 Flash Drive. Product plugs directly into any computer's USB port and is plug-and-play compatible with most operating systems. It immediately appears as hard drive on user's desktop, allowing transfer and storage of various data. Drive writes at 1 MB/sec and reads at 4.2 MB/sec.... Read More

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Timer is credit-card sized.

May 20, 2003

Traceable® Credit Card Timer counts down from 99 min, 59 sec with 1 sec resolution. Accuracy is 0.01%. Alarm sounds for 1 min when zero is reached, and memory automatically recalls last set time. Unit includes timeouts and count-up stop watch. Individually serial-numbered Traceable® Certificate indicates traceability to standards provided by NIST. Timer is supplied with silver-oxide... Read More

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Timing Module operates at wide temperature range.

Jan 28, 2003

Model MSTM-S3-IT3 acts as complete system clock module for Stratum 3 timing applications in accordance with GR-1244, Issue 2 and GR-253, Issue 3. It is suitable for remote or external locations where environment is not controlled. Operating temperature range is -40 to +85°C. Five volt, miniature module provides 40 second, filtered hold over history; operational status flags; and redundant 8... Read More

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Alarm Clock shows time, date, temperature, and humidity.

Nov 14, 2002

Hygro-Thermometer Alarm Clock measures relative humidity from 20-90% with ±5% accuracy. Temperature measurements are °C/°F selectable and range from 14 to 140°F with 2°F accuracy. LCD displays temperature and humidity readings as well as day, date, and month. Clock alarm, with 4 minute snooze function, is also included. Unit, with stand, measures 9.8 x 7.5 x 1 in. Read More

Timers & Clocks

Synchronized Time System is completely wireless.

Oct 24, 2002

GPS Master-Satellite Time System consists of synchronized clocks with roman or arabic numerals, in standard or military styles, with various finishes. Clocks measure 12.5 and 16 in., with molded plastic frames. Double-sided 12.5 in. clock is also available. Each clock has glass-crystal lens, operates in temperatures ranging from 32 to 158°F, updates to correct time 6 times a day, and adjusts... Read More

Timers & Clocks

Time System wirelessly synchronizes clocks.

Oct 24, 2002

GPS Master-Satellite Time System uses combination GPS and FM radio signals to synchronize all clocks in one system. Receivers capture atomic time signal from Global Positioning System (GPS) and master transmitter rebroadcasts time via localized radio signal. Satellite system clocks are not subject to atmospheric variances and self adjust to correct time. Clocks run on batteries that last up to 5... Read More

Timers & Clocks

Digital Timer features 1/16 DIN package.

Oct 22, 2002

Model LCT116 is offered with 8- or 11-pin sockets. Setpoint and timing functions are adjusted with individual set buttons. LCD on front indicates current time status and has bar graph for relative time remaining. Time ranges include 0.01-9.99 sec to 10-9990 hr. Timing functions include Signal On-Delay, Flicker on-Start, Signal ON/Off-Delay, Signal OFF-Delay, Interval Mode, One Shot and Flicker,... Read More

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Timer/Counter Module comes with choice of 12 functions.

Oct 10, 2002

NHPU Series ProgramaCube(TM) is pre-manufactured without function assigned. Functions, time ranges, and count ranges can be created without designing new module. Unit switches motors, lamps, and heaters directly, without addition of contactor. Switch-adjustable time delays of 0.1 sec to 1023 hrs in 6 ranges or 3 counting functions/ranges is available. NHPU can be ordered with 6, 10, or 20 A... Read More

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Analog Timer offers 4 timing functions.

Sep 26, 2002

Model LCT016, in 1/16 DIN package, provides simple 8- or 11-pin socket installation. Scale and timing functions are adjusted with individual front-mounted switches. Tamper-resistant cover prevents unauthorized changes and restricts movement of analog set-point knob. LEDs indicate power and output status. Ranging capabilities are from 0.1-1.2 sec to 25-300 hrs. Timing functions include Signal... Read More

Timers & Clocks

Time Clock reduces time spent clocking in and out.

Aug 28, 2002

Model 6000E top feed electronic payroll recorder lets employees drop time card in top, and automatically feeds, aligns, prints, and ejects card in seconds. Dot matrix printer can be programmed to print time in 12 or 24 hr format, in minutes or 1/100 hr. Programmable time table can be used to automatically shift between one of 6 columns across card to accommodate additional break and overtime... Read More