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Timers & Clocks

Biometric Time System eliminates buddy punching.

Aug 12, 2005

Installed on any computer across LAN, stand-alone TouchStation(TM) uses fingerprint technology to identify employees clocking in and out. Touch sensor stores up to 50 individual fingerprints, and included PayClock EZ software automatically calculates worked hours, tracks sick and vacation time, and provides 22 standard time and labor reports. Unit can export hours directly to payroll providers... Read More

Timers & Clocks

Portable Lab Timer is traceable to NIST standards.

Aug 08, 2005

Traceable® Lab Timer allows programming of 3 different activities from 9 hr, 59 min, 59 sec to 1 sec with 0.001% accuracy. Each channel has distinct electronic alarm and display indicator, and alarm is turned off manually or silenced automatically after 1 min. Measuring 3 x 3 x 1 3/8 in., 4 oz timer has chemical-resistant ABS case and 4 digit LCD display. Applications include QA/QC times... Read More

Communication Systems & Equipment, Timers & Clocks

Synthesizer enables clean data converter clocking.

Jul 07, 2005

Model CDCM7005 synchronizes VCXO frequency up to 2.2 GHz (LVPECL) to 1 of 2 reference clocks to deliver high-frequency, clean clock outputs. It offers phase noise of -219 dBc/Hz, phase jitter of 162 fs (LVPECL) and 232 fs (LVCMOS), and max output skew of 20 ps. Serial peripheral interface logic facilitates programming and individual support control. Unit provides stable frequencies for... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Timers & Clocks

Delay-On-Make Timers feature solid-state circuitry.

Jun 08, 2005

Housed in hockey puck style package, Series ST1D utilizes CMOS digital circuitry and 1 form A adjustable switching device by means of 10-position DIP switch encoded in binary format. Continuous load current of 3 A is standard. Timing ranges include .2-102.3 sec in increments of 0.1 sec and 1-1,023 sec in 1 sec increments, both with timing accuracy of ±5% plus ½ increment. Series ST1D is... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments, Timers & Clocks

PCI Universal Time Interval Counters have 3U form factor.

Apr 14, 2005

With 14 pre-defined measurement functions, GC22x0 Series features internal clock source, programmable ARM source, and microprocessor. Model GC2210 measures frequencies from DC to 225 MHz with 9-digit resolution, while GC2220 measures from DC to 1.3 GHz with 100 pS resolution. Each input channel is programmable for 1 Megohm or 50 ohm input impedance. Able to determine any frequency to 0.1 ppm in 1... Read More

Controls & Controllers, Timers & Clocks

Time Correlation Unit speeds debug of embedded systems.

Mar 25, 2005

Model E5850A gives designers ability to capture real-time oscilloscope signals with up to 13 GHz bandwidth, correlate them to key digital signals on Windows® XP-based logic analyzer, and view them all on one screen. Design engineers can move between logic analyzer and scope as they pinpoint problems through continuous tracking of timing markers between instruments. Seamless integration... Read More

Timers & Clocks

Clip-On Watch incorporates AC and DC Ohm's law formulas.

Mar 08, 2005

Suited for electrical and electronics professionals, HangTime ACDC Watch can be clipped to belt loop, truck mirror, or toolbox. It features DC Ohm's law and power formulas etched onto flip down cover, and AC Ohm's law, power formulas, and resistor band color chart on watch face. With heavy steel construction, silver finish, and leather detail, watch includes Seiko movement and sweep-seconds hand. Read More

Timers & Clocks

Electronic Timer is traceable to NIST standards.

Oct 13, 2004

Used to help catch all test results, Traceable® Big-Foot Timer signals drying and incubating times. It allows simultaneous programming of 3 activities from 99 hr, 59 min, and 59 sec to 1 sec on portable countdown alarm timer. Resolution is 1 sec, and accuracy is 0.01%. Each of 3 channels has distinct electronic alarm and display indicator when zero is reached. Measuring 4 x 4.5 x .75 in.,... Read More

Timers & Clocks

Batch Ovens include digital process timer.

Oct 13, 2004

Adjustable from 1 min to 99 hr and 59 min, Watch Dog Oven Management System displays time-in and time-out, along with time remaining and present date and time. It keeps track of elapsed time from date of shipment and accumulates time when oven is in operation. LCD indicates service intervals at 500 hr increments, prompting maintenance personnel to perform recommended service. Unit will dial up to... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments, Timers & Clocks

Totalizing Counters and Timers are lithium battery powered.

Oct 01, 2004

Panel-mounted series CH and TH Counters and Timers include 7-digit LCD display with push-button reset. CH counters accept non-voltage contact closure/NPN open collector, PNP 6-24 Vdc or 90-240 V ac/dc inputs, and offer one count per pulse function. TH timers accept non-voltage contact closure/NPN open collector or 90-240 V ac/dc inputs, and are available with timing function of minutes or hours. Read More

Timers & Clocks

Buffers and Clock Driver are suited for registered DIMMs.

Aug 30, 2004

Registered Buffers PI74SSTU32864A/SSTU32866 and Phase-Locked Loop Clock Driver PI6CU877 are optimized to drive DDR2-400 and DDR2-533 Memory Modules. Model PI74SSTU32866 includes parity logic function that provides security feature of detecting data error. Registered buffers feature 25-bit 1:1 or 14-bit 1:2 configurable buffer, 270 MHz clock frequency, and 2.15 ns max speed. Clock driver features... Read More

Timers & Clocks

Digital Countdown Timer offers two distinct alarms.

Aug 18, 2004

Traceable® Double Display Timer allows simultaneous programming of 2 different activities from 20 hr to 1 sec with 1 sec resolution and 0.01% accuracy. Each channel has electronic alarm and display indicator when zero is reached. Alarm may be turned off or is silenced automatically after 1 min. Second display mode shows time of day and stopwatch for count-up timing. Featuring impact-resistant... Read More

Timers & Clocks

Indoor/Outdoor Clock is waterproof and dustproof.

Jun 30, 2004

Traceable® Indoor/Outdoor Clock tells time of day to the second and temperatures from -20 to 40°C and -4 to 104°F with ±1.5°C accuracy. Impact-resistant ABS case is O-ring sealed making it suited for washdown areas, outdoors, and harsh environments. Clock hands and sweeping second hand with 0.01% quartz-crystal accuracy can be read at 15 ft. Case diameter is 7 in. and dial diameter... Read More

Timers & Clocks

Panel-Mounted Timers facilitate frequent adjustment.

Jun 02, 2004

Based on microprocessor with built-in flash memory, Series TMR 48 provides total of 18 functions, timing up to 300 hours, and 1 or 2 output relays in 8- or 11-pin versions. Large button sets operating time, which is read directly without need for conversion or calculation. All units are multi-voltage; 12-240 Vdc and 24-240 Vac. Read More

Timers & Clocks

Wireless Clocks come in analog and digital versions.

Jun 01, 2004

Wireless clocks eliminate need for hardwiring, allowing flexibility in clock displacement. Event alert feature enables clocks to signal when specific events are taking place. Combined with proprietary NTP Time Server, clocks can be synchronized and programmed with computer network systems to record time documentation in order to support project data and insurance or legal claims. Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Timers & Clocks

Servers offer time synchronization.

May 28, 2004

TTS Series NTP Network Time Servers offer time synchronization for building, network, and operational security. They also enable end-users to establish and maintain synchronization securely behind firewall protection. Servers use precise GPS by tracking up to 12 satellites simultaneously to provide consistent and accurate time reference. Products are suited for synchronized time recording for... Read More

Timers & Clocks

Timer offers 20 selectable time ranges.

May 26, 2004

With time ranges from 0.1 sec to 600 hours, RTE timer meets wide range of timing requirements. It has 10 A contacts and is rated for 100-240 Vac/dc, 24 Vac/dc, or 12 Vdc. Unit is UL listed and CE marked. Read More

Timers & Clocks

Wireless Clock System provides GPS precision.

Mar 04, 2004

GPS Wireless Clock System synchronizes all wall clocks, computer clocks, and bell tones in single system. GPS receiver, which mounts on rooftop, pole, or window, picks up time signals, and sends them to receiver. GPS receiver plugs into transmitter and can reside anywhere up to 200 ft away. Using licensed FCC FM radio signal, transmitter rebroadcasts time signal to Wireless Clocks throughout... Read More

Timers & Clocks

Digital GPS Clocks are viewable from up to 150 ft away.

Mar 04, 2004

GPS Wireless Clock System consists of GPS receiver, transmitter, and system clock. Once clock is connected to power source, system never requires manual adjustment. Red indicator light on face of clock indicates receipt of synchronized time signal, and front-accessible control panel enables selection of alternating time and date options as well as 12 or 24 hr fields. Power supply runs on 120 Vac... Read More

Controls & Controllers, Timers & Clocks

Timer Controller suits low voltage dust applications.

Feb 18, 2004

Intended for dust collection and pneumatic conveying control systems, Series DCT1000DC eliminates need for external devices such as pressure switches, relays, and timers. Indicating light on control board notifies operators when solenoid valve fails to operate. Controller accepts 10-30 Vdc and comes in 6, 10, and 22 channel models. Modular design allows for use as continuous cleaning control or... Read More