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1800W Explosion Proof Convection Heater is made of 16 gauge steel.

Oct 31, 2017

EPH-CH-WM-T2A-1.8KW-120V.1P 1800W Explosion Proof Convection Heater is operated by 120V single phase power and is 15-amp rated. Unit is available in standard bottom in, top out air flow configuration and is suitable for manufacturing plants, chemical processing, refineries, industrial control rooms, airflow systems, heat circulation, heat exchanger, oil and gas applications. Product comes with... Read More

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Stelter and Brinck’s Paste Heaters are equipped with combustion blower.

Oct 20, 2017

Stelter and Brinck’s Paste Heaters are used to preheat SAF’s electrodes. Unit features high turn down burner, controls and valve train. These prewired and pre-piped products enable user to reduce voids in the electrodes. Heaters come with electrode columns.

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Thermal & Heating Equipment

Ultra SideGate™ Inline Hot Runner offers pitch spacing down to 18 mm.

Oct 06, 2017

Allowing high cavitation molds with small size, Ultra SideGate™ Inline Hot Runner is used in injection molding process. Enhancing gate quality leaving with no vestige on finished parts, unit is suitable for medical industry and complex applications. Unit’s nozzle tips are separately mounted from nozzle housing for eliminating effect of thermal expansion on tip position. Product is designed... Read More

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Tankless Water Heaters come with transportable carts.

Sep 07, 2017

Suitable for temporary or semi-permanent applications for quick and unlimited supply of hot water or fluid with precise temperature, Tankless Water Heaters instantaneously supply tepid water or fluid in demanding work environments. These units draw energy only when needed and improves flexibility in location changes and facility requirements. Units are suitable for convention centers,... Read More

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eldec MICO Induction Heating Systems

Aug 22, 2017

Compact and Flexible, Stationary or Mobile, Efficient and Practical

The MICO series' innovative design integrates the frequency converter and coolant system in a single housing. Small and compact, stationary or mobile, they are a flexible and practical solution for a wide range of uses including:

  • induction brazing
  • shrink fitting
  • annealing
  • die... Read More

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Watt-Flex ® Cartridge Heaters Warranted Removable from Bores

Aug 09, 2017

IPSWICH, MA - Watt-Flex® Cartridge Heaters are warranted removable from bores by their manufacturer, Dalton Electric Heating Co., Inc. Because their unique split-sheath design prevents warping, the primary cause of bore seizure for conventional cartridge heaters, Watt-Flex® Heaters are the only cartridge heaters warranted removable from bores. If removal by drillout from a properly sized... Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Hoistable Induction Generator comes with vibration isolation frame.

Jul 28, 2017

With 1,500 lbs weight (including water for the chiller), Hoistable Induction Generator System can be operated in -20 to +120°F temperature range. Unit’s frame features four tie-down eyes that are useful in securing the framework to a truck bed. Unit comes with fitted tarp and 2,000 lbs rated lift certified frame.

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EchoTherm™ HPLC Column Chiller/Heater comes with stable temperature LED.

Jul 14, 2017

Suitable in chiral and biomedical chromatography applications, EchoTherm™ Programmable HPLC Column Chiller/Heater features 5-program memory of 10 steps per program. Capable of repeat any program from 1 to 99 times automatically, unit can hold columns up to 30 cm long by ¼ in. or 3/8 in. diameter in mounting clips. Designed with injection counter (30-day timer with user settable Auto-Off),... Read More

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Fulton Thermal Corporation Offering Refurbished Heaters from Stock

Jul 08, 2017

Used Thermal Heaters, Refurbishment Services Now Available

Pulaski, NY - July 7, 2017 - Fulton Thermal Corporation, a global manufacturer of thermal fluid heat transfer products and a provider of innovative energy management solutions, now offers used, refurbished thermal fluid heaters from stock to customers in need of quick-ship order fulfillment.

The used heater stock program... Read More

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Heating Equipment for the Brewing Industry

May 18, 2017

Introduction to heating equipment in the beer brewing industry

The beer brewing process is complex and requires fine attention to detail to have great-tasting beer come out as a result, and the same is true of the equipment. If you want your brew to come out well, you need optimal industrial heating equipment.

There are various immersion heaters used in the beer brewing industry.... Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

WORK READY™ Heater is suitable for medium and heavy duty fleet.

Apr 29, 2017

Consisting of coolant hoses, electrical wiring, exhaust fittings, loom and connectors, WORK READY™ Heater is configurable to diesel, CNG, LNG and LPG fuels. Preheating the engine, oil pan, hydraulics reservoir and driver's cabin, unit can heat additional space or potable water loop using extra circuit.

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HM5 Water Heater features horizontal design.

Mar 15, 2017

Designed with variable frequency drive and modulating burner for outlet temperature control, HM5 Water Heater delivers adjustable flow rate of 150 - 380 gal per minute. Offering 5 Million BTU/hr heat output, HM5 produces large volumes of water for large concrete pours. Heater provides 91% true efficiency at 200°F tank temperatures.

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EchoTherm Programmable Stirring Hot Plates feature 6 in. immersion probe.

Jan 11, 2017

Available in 100, 115, and 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz models, EchoTherm™ Model HS70 Programmable Stirring Hot Plates feature 10-program memory, temperature ramping and membrane keyboard. Delivering 100 to 1500 rpm stirring speeds, units consist of 600 W, 8 in. square solid ceramic tops. Featuring RS232 I/O port and full function LCD, unit’s temperature is controlled by PID software to ±1°C and... Read More

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Spot Heating Solutions – Keeping Cozy in Every Space

Dec 08, 2016

When you’re looking to heat one area of a building or home with cold spots, consider spot heating options. Cold spots that need heat include areas that may not have been included when the HVAC system was installed, such as new additions or spaces that were simply overlooked.

In addition to discomfort that results from cold spots, research suggests that employees are less productive... Read More

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16 SEER PHE6 and PCE6 models feature vibration-reducing chassis

Nov 14, 2016

Available in 2- to 5-ton capacities, 16 SEER PHE6 and PCE6 models feature contractor-friendly design. Providing two-stage compressor and two-stage gas/electric heating, unit offers exact-fit gas/electric hookups and compact cabinet to fit most roof frames or slabs. With removable front and side panels, device offers separate access for refrigeration and heat compartments. 16 SEER models... Read More

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XEU1 Series Heaters features corrosion resistant GA steel cabinet.

Nov 11, 2016

Designed for rugged industrial applications, XEU1 3 kW Heaters meet both CSA and UL Certification Standards. Unit provides high quality immersion heater, with fan and motor assembly and is offered with large control enclosure with extra port for wiring with external thermostat. XEU1 Heaters minimize moisture ingress with help of o-ring enclosure.

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Ice Slicer Road Salt De-Icer Inventory in Northeast Denver Area

Nov 11, 2016

Select Materials LLC, a bulk landscaping materials firm, has announced today that it will begin stockpiling Ice Slicer for the 2016 winter driving season

FORT LUPTON, Colo., Nov. 5, 2016 - Select Materials LLC, a bulk landscaping materials firm, has announced today that it will begin stockpiling Ice Slicer for the 2016 winter driving season. Ice Slicer is a fast melt acting de-icing... Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Dry Block Heater feature pre-calibrated heat modules.

Oct 31, 2016

Suitable for sample heating, thawing and thermal reactions, Flexi-Therm Dry Block Heater makes manual checks with thermometers redundant. In order to prevent condensation, sample and lid temperatures are controlled independently, wherein heater temperature range is ambient to 99.9oC; lid heater temperature range is ambient to 105oC. Including a digital screen, a timer and an alarm. Flexi-Therm... Read More

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Flash Cure System uses flat heater technology.

Oct 24, 2016

Loaded into print head of any automatic textile printer, Anaconda Flash Cure System uses rollers mounted to squeegee holder on automatic print head. Squeegee pressure provided by press pushes rollers over fiberglass reinforced, silicone encased flat heater. Process gels ink while pressing ink fibers into layer, providing smooth print surface for additional colors printed on top. Digital... Read More

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Digital Dry Baths/Block Heaters Offered by Terra Universal

Sep 26, 2016

Fullerton, CA – Temperature control and heat uniformity are features of Thermo Fisher’s Digital Dry Baths/Block Heaters available at Laboratory-Equipment.com.  These small-footprint units are portable and commonly found in labs performing a wide range of applications. Place microplates and tubes of all sizes on these one-, two- and four-block platforms. Use the font-panel buttons to make... Read More