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Hot Box for Heat Treating Pallets in the Food Processing Industry

Dec 18, 2015

LEWCO recently delivered a standard (4) Tote Hot Box, model EC4TV, to a customer in the food processing industry. The electric hot box will be used to sterilize wooden pallets prior to packaging and shipping. The pallets are loaded into the hot box via lift truck, and heated to 140°F (60°C) for a specified period of time in order to kill biological pathogens. Due to limited factory floor... Read More

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Commercial Heat Treater Purchases Ipsen ATLAS Atmosphere Furnace Line, Increasing Capabilities

Dec 16, 2015

CHERRY VALLEY, IL - Ipsen continues to provide solutions that meet a range of customer needs with the recent sale of an ATLAS atmosphere furnace, temper, washer, loader, endo generator and load table to a commercial heat treater in the Midwest. This batch atmosphere furnace will be used for several processes, including carburizing, neutral hardening and carbonitriding, as well as to help the... Read More

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Kanthal APM(TM)/Kanthal APMT(TM) Materials Continue to Impress Customers with Significant Increases in Durability, Lifetime and Reduction in Energy Use

Dec 14, 2015

Atlantic Heat Treating Ltd. contacted Sandvik and raised concerns on relatively short lifetime of existing SER radiant tubes in their gas fired Sunbeam Furnace which was failing after ~18 months of service. Sandvik provided replacement tubes manufactured using Kanthal APM extruded material that was sized to work with the existing burner design and to be a direct replacement for the previous... Read More

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Heat Exchanger optimizes efficacy via proprietary technologies.

Dec 11, 2015

Able to be designed for backwards compatibility, OPTIMAX™ is available with all applicable global certifications. Enhanced fluid dynamics (EFD) technology provides advanced flow throughout system without compromising integrity of fluid, heating elements, and/or vessel, and fluid temperatures are further optimized via optimized film temperature (OFT) technology in heating elements. Resulting... Read More

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Gas Tankless Water Heaters offer Wi-Fi connectivity.

Dec 08, 2015

With wireless module and app, Tankless Water Heaters can be monitored and controlled via smart device for water heating management, control, and maintenance. Users can turn system on/off, change water temperature, monitor status, and activate recirculation system. Attached to heater by 2-wire interface, Wi-Fi module also pushes system codes and other service information automatically to dealer,... Read More

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Spirax Sarco Introduces a Range of Desuperheating Solutions

Dec 04, 2015

Blythewood, SC – Spirax Sarco, the leader in products and services for steam system solutions is pleased to announce the release of the extensive range of desuperheaters that offer an effective solution for steam conditioning and enhanced thermal energy transfer.  Spirax Sarco desuperheaters provide the answer when precise control and reduction of superheated steam temperature is required.... Read More

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Top-Loading 650°F Oven achieves 650°F max temperature.

Nov 27, 2015

Constructed with 5 in. insulated walls, aluminized steel interior and exterior, and reinforced 1/4  in. steel plate top, No. 812 features air-operated rear hinged door and wear bars at sides of workspace. Workspace is reinforced for 3,000 lb loading at removable subway grate. While 40 kW installed in Incoloy-sheathed tubular elements heat 72 x 36 x 36 in. workspace, 3,300 cfm, 2 hp... Read More

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Wisconsin Oven Ships Gas Fired Powder Coating Batch Oven to Automotive Supplier

Nov 27, 2015

East Troy, WI – Wisconsin Oven Corporation announced the shipment of a gas fired heated walk-in batch oven that will be used for curing powder paint on various wheel rims and automotive parts. The powder coating oven has sufficient capacity to heat 1,500 pounds of steel from 70° to 450°F within 45 minutes when loaded into an ambient oven. Powder coating parts is an important process... Read More

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Fujitsu Launches 10-year Warranty for VRF Systems

Nov 27, 2015

Effective earlier this year, all Fujitsu Airstage VRF systems that have been properly commissioned by licensed contractors now have a 10-year parts and compressor warranty. These systems are capable of simultaneous cooling and heating operation.  Fujitsu's extensive lineup of outdoor units range from 6 to 24 tons and can be connected up to 45 indoor units per system. There are 33 different... Read More

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Cleanroom Conveyor Oven cures low-friction coating onto vials.

Nov 25, 2015

Electrically heated Gruenberg NFPA 86 Class A Conveyor Oven cures thin coating onto glass vials, used in pharmaceutical industry, to produce low-friction surface. This 4-module, 400°C oven, which contains 3 heating chambers and one chamber for cooling, processes 120 vials/min as they advance in trays along >30 ft conveyor belt. Installed in each chamber, 1,750 cfm, vertical-down,... Read More

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Lindberg/MPH Ships Aluminum Immersion Holding Furnace to Leading Automotive Supplier

Nov 24, 2015

Riverside, MI – Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of an electric immersion aluminum holding furnace for a leader in the automotive parts industry to maintain aluminum at the required temperature for die casting. The aluminum holding capacity of the furnace is 2400 lbs. This furnace utilizes Lindberg/MPH patented board lining and high efficiency immersion tubes/heaters.  Dual air-over-oil... Read More

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Chilling and Heating Dry Baths offer remote control.

Nov 19, 2015

Suited for robotic systems and fume hoods or environmental chambers, EchoTherm™ RHB20 and RIC20 can be controlled by computer or MIC20 Remote Terminal via RS232 I/O ports. Users can set and control temperature of samples in various containers from assay plates to centrifuge tubes from -20.0 to 120.0°C with accuracy to ±0.2°C. When connected to either dry bath, MIC20 can also collect... Read More

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In-Situ Electron Microscopy Tools foster real-time observation.

Nov 19, 2015

NanoEx™ holders enable materials scientists and engineers to observe, in real-time, changes at micro, nano, and atomic scale in morphology and dynamic properties of materials under mechanical, electrical, and thermal stimuli as well as environmental conditions mimicking actual use cases. Specific products include NanoEx i/v heating solution, which uses MEMS-based nanoheaters; NanoEx 3D... Read More

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Largest Vacuum Hot Press in the WORLD Manufactured in the USA by AVS has Been Acquired by VPEI for the Production of Diffusion Bonded Heat Exchangers and Contract Work

Nov 19, 2015

Sacramento, CA Ayer, MA – VPE announces the recent acquisition of an AVS designed and manufactured Vacuum Hot Press furnace system. This world-scale 2400 Ton Hot Press will be the largest installed in the America's and will markedly expand both manufacturing throughput and the maximum sizes of VPE’s Diffusion Bonded Microchannel Heat Exchangers. According to Mark Sowerbutts, COO at AVS,... Read More

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UTC Aerospace Systems Features Business Aircraft Systems and Cabin Interiors Products at NBAA 2015

Nov 19, 2015

CHARLOTTE, N.C., – UTC Aerospace Systems will display a range of capabilities in the business aircraft segment at its exhibit during the National Business Aviation Association's (NBAA) Business Aircraft Conference and Exhibition, which takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 17 - 19. UTC Aerospace Systems is a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX). The UTC Aerospace Systems... Read More

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Fan-Forced Wall Heaters feature dual-wattage design.

Nov 17, 2015

Featuring compact universal design, COS-E™ Series provides supplemental heat for residential and commercial applications. Units are available in 208/240 V and 120 V with outputs ranging from 2,000–375 W. Clip-n-Fit® feature allows installer to change wattage of heater to lower output to accommodate any application or space. Utilizing impeller for silent operation, heaters offer access to... Read More

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California Brazing Increases Capacity for Aluminum Brazing with Ipsen Furnace

Nov 17, 2015

CHERRY VALLEY, IL - As Aerospace electronics become increasingly powerful, the industry’s need for robust thermal processing equipment capable of manufacturing such components also grows. To better support this increased demand for aluminum brazing services, California Brazing recently purchased their third vacuum aluminum brazing (VAB) furnace from Ipsen. This VAB furnace is their eighth Ipsen... Read More

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Gentherm Awarded Grant to Develop Energy Efficient Patient Warming System for US Navy

Nov 13, 2015

NORTHVILLE, Mich. - Gentherm Incorporated (NASDAQ-GS: THRM), the global market leader and a developer of innovative thermal management technologies, announced today that it has been selected by the U.S. Navy to lead the development of an energy efficient, portable patient warming system based on its proprietary thermal management technologies. Gentherm was granted a two-year, $2.75 million... Read More

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Residential Gas Furnaces are designed for energy efficiency.

Nov 11, 2015

Delivering AFUE ratings of 80% and 96%, Luxaire LX Series models TM8Y and TM9Y feature 2-stage heating and standard ECM motor. Model TM9Y is ENERGY STAR® rated, and both 33 in. high models feature accessible controls, self-diagnostics, fuel-conserving electric hot surface ignition, and 100% shut-off main gas valve. High-heat transfer aluminized steel tubular heat exchanger is also standard,... Read More

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Lindberg/MPH Ships Industrial Box Furnace to a Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Cutting Tools

Nov 11, 2015

Riverside, MI – Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of an electrically heated box furnace used for hardening industrial grade saw blades for the woodworking industry. The box furnace is designed with a maximum temperature rating of 2,000°F and normal operating temperature of 1,600°F and work chamber dimensions of 72"W x 48"D x 10"H. The design of the heat treat furnace features a flow... Read More