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Vapotherm-® Announces Validation of U.S. Patent

VAPOTHERM REINFORCES LEADERSHIP ROLE WITH PATENT FOR APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR RESPIRATORY TRACT THERAPY STEVENSVILLE, Md., Jan. 22 / - Vapotherm, the global leader in High Flow Oxygen Therapy products, announced today that U.S. patent rights have been validated for an apparatus used in the delivery tube technology for respiratory tract therapy. Reinforcing Vapotherm's principal role in the...

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Respiratory System helps infants breathe easier.

Designed to help infants breathe without tracheal tubes or ventilators, AirLife(TM) Infant nCPAP System enables babies to establish vital functional residual capacity needed for normal respiratory function. Interface minimizes pressure points that can lead to skin necrosis, while generator incorporates Vortice technology, which helps decrease infant's work of breathing by redirecting gas flow...

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Medical Device enables visual monitoring of oxygen flow-rate.

Suited for use in hospitals, outpatient therapy, nursing homes, and emergency response facilities, OxyView(TM) pneumatic flow meter delivers confirmation of actual continuous flow and volume of oxygen. Lightweight, pneumatic gauge is attached to oxygen tubing just below neck and can be engaged between nose or mouth-mounted cannula where compressed oxygen supply is delivered to cannula through...

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Pioneering Image-Guided Radiotherapy Takes Place Using Varian Equipment at Top Cancer Hospital in Belgium

LEUVEN, Belgium, Sept. 21 /-- Cancer patients in Belgium have begun receiving a new more precise form of radiotherapy using X-ray imaging during treatments to locate and focus beams more closely on tumors. The new cancer treatment called image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) is being offered at the university hospital of Leuven using equipment from Varian Medical Systems. Clinicians at UZ Gasthuisberg...

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