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Glass Fiber Yarn ensures speed and integrity of signals.

Apr 13, 2009

Used in printed wiring board applications, L-Glass(TM) exhibits dielectric constant (Dk) and dissipation factor (Df) suited for designs requiring increased signal speeds and integrity. Dk is 4.86 and Df is 0.0050 at 10 GHz, and coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) is 3.9 ppm/°C. Suited for use in IC packaging, fiber is available in various yarn counts that will allow production of low-loss... Read More

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Imaging Media suits aqueous/solvent-based inkjet printers.

Apr 02, 2009

Oce PM35 and Oce PM46 are coated presentation matte inkjet papers suited for presentation graphics. Designed for aqueous inkjet printers, they are compatible with dye as well as pigment inks and come in 35 or 46 lb weights and widths from 24-60 in. Featuring one-way vision for view-through displays, Oce MESHBANR mesh banner media has removable liner that lets end-users apply adhesive.... Read More

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Converting Machinery incorporates pelletizing technology.

Mar 24, 2009

Black Clawson machinery is available with multiple pelletizing features, such as air ring pelletizing system that enables cutting of materials that should not come into contact with water quench media or those with low heat removal requirement. Also, debottlenecking retrofits are available to increase production capacity utilizing X model version. Pelletizer die plate design promotes throughput... Read More

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Fire-Resistant Fabric provides mattress border protection.

Mar 16, 2009

Inherently fire resistant, high loft, non-woven fabric Sentry FR does not require toxic fire retardants, and provides soft, bulky look to mattress. Environmentally smart product is made without added formaldehyde and has recycled content of 25%. Available in roll widths of 90 in. with thickness of 1 in., material is naturally white for clean appearance. Read More

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Protect Electrical Assets with Variety of Barricade Tapes from 3M

Mar 05, 2009

February 17, 2009 AUSTIN, Texas--Provide warnings to restrict entry to hazardous areas with a complete line of Scotch Barricade Tapes from 3M for the electrical industry. Whether you need buried or non-buried, detectable or non-detectable tape, 3M has a barricade tape to meet your marking requirements. Three versions are available made of different materials, in different widths and colors and... Read More

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Shrinkable Fabric is available in roll form.

Mar 04, 2009

Shrinkable Fabric(TM) rolls consist of outer layer of UV-resistant and anti-condensation polyethylene shrink/stretch film, middle adhesive layer, and soft inner layer for finish protection. Protecting products during transportation and storage, fabric features Adhesive Additive Delivery/Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor system for optimized corrosion protection. Rolls are suited for industrial, military,... Read More

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All-Air Web Guides for Wider Webs, Higher Tensions

Feb 23, 2009

The CD Series web guides are custom engineered heavy-duty systems for wider webs that typically run with higher tension. (Sarasota, FL.) - The all-air CD Series web guides from Coast Controls are custom engineered to meet the web handling demands of wider webs and higher web tensions. Featuring heavy-duty welded steel construction, the CD Series employ a robust pivoting web guide assembly with... Read More

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All-Air Web Guide Retrofit Packages

Feb 23, 2009

All-Air web guides from Coast Controls can be installed to upgrade or replace underperforming or failing electronic or hydraulic web guides. (Sarasota, FL.) - Coast Controls offers retrofit web guide packages that can easily convert electronic or hydraulic systems to all-air systems while saving both time and money. All-air web guide systems from Coast Controls operate entirely on standard plant... Read More

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All-Air Web Guide for High Tension Applications

Feb 23, 2009

The Coast Controls RDG-5 is a robust web guide capable of handling higher web tensions common in business forms or other paper converting processes. (Sarasota, FL.) - The all-air RDG-5 from Coast Controls is a highly affordable web guide ideal for higher tension applications such as business forms or other strong webs run in widths up to 26 inches. Requiring no electrical controls or wiring, this... Read More

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Kuris Spreading And Cutting Technology News

Feb 18, 2009

The Exclusive North American Distributor QUEST CAD/CAM announces the release of two new KURIS system for the "cutting room". The TexCut C 3030 compact cutter and the MS 100 MULTI-SPREADING MACHINE. According to KURIS, the TexCut C 3030 multi-ply cutter is developed for fine cutting of textile wovens, warp knitted and circular knitted fabrics, technical textile and special materials, and is... Read More

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Hazmat Suit is certified to NFPA 1991 standard.

Feb 18, 2009

Based on CoreTech(TM) Barrier Membrane technology and weighing less than 10 lb, flame-resistant ONESuit® Pro protects against chemical and biological agents in liquid and vapor form. Single-skin design is engineered for maneuverability and comfort in challenging environments. Suit is certified to NFPA 1991: Standard on Vapor-Protective Ensembles for Hazardous Materials Emergencies and NFPA... Read More

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Electronic Thermocutter weighs 11-½ oz.

Jan 19, 2009

With transformer replaced by high-tech electronics, AZTC-20 electronic thermocutter cuts synthetic fabrics, plastic tubes, fiber optics, foam and similar materials that tend to crimp, serrate or unravel when cold cutters are used. Temperature in unit is controlled from zero to 1050ºF, while electrical current control switch allows selection of large blades. Cutting foot accessory lifts... Read More

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Garment Printer is designed for high volume production.

Jan 05, 2009

Featuring independently controlled dual platen and dual print-head modules, Model GT-782 is capable of printing 2 different designs on separate platens simultaneously. White ink and ink cartridge system promote optimal output quality and 4 industrial-grade print-heads provide optimal printing speed for white ink applications. Along with print area of 16 x 18 in., system features print driver... Read More

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All-Air Web Guides Perfect for Mark Andy Presses

Dec 18, 2008

Coast Controls All-Air web guides are ready-made for Mark Andy narrow web presses and effective at decreasing downtime and maintenance costs (Sarasota, FL.) - Coast Controls offers standard web guide models to fit many Mark Andy narrow web presses. RDG5 and MDG5 all-air web guide models easily fit in tight or limited spaces of Mark Andy 2200, 4120 and 4150 narrow web presses. All-air systems are... Read More

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EPDM Granules offer alternative to artificial turf infill.

Dec 11, 2008

Made from contaminant-free recycled materials, leachate-free EPDM Granules are fiber and steel-free after processing and offer heat, fire, and ozone resistance. Product is non-toxic under variety of atmospheric and environmental conditions. By reducing on-field temperatures, EPDM infill material is suitable for both indoor and outdoor synthetic turf fields and running tracks. It is available in... Read More

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Fasnap Custom Assemblies and Packaging

Nov 26, 2008

Fasnap's manufacturing department produces customized assemblies for both light and heavy-duty applications. Fasnap® only uses premium quality products such as stainless steel hardware and UV stabilized webbing to assure a long-lasting finished product. Customized packaging and bar coding is available to meet all specialized packaging needs. Customization includes: company name, part number,... Read More

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Multi Material Cutter delivers 600 lb of cutting force.

Nov 20, 2008

Microprocessor-controlled MMC200 cuts round or flat material up to 3.94 in. wide and 5/8 in. thick and can be programmed to cut any length (in. or mm), with 1% or better tolerance. It is also programmable for up to 99 batches and 10 fixed feed rates. MMC200 is rated to cut up to 7,592, 2-in. pieces/hr through makerials such as copper wire and cable, silver solder, power cords, cellophane,... Read More