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Web Inspection System integrates with Rotoflex finishers.

Mar 26, 2010

Available on most Rotoflex finishing solutions, LT Web Inspection system detects defects such as broken and missing characters, registration of print and die cut, color deviations, and ink splashes. Included diffused lighting component allows it to also inspect foil decorated print, holograms, embossed/debossed, and reflective/metalized surfaces. Unit is available on new 13 and 17 in. Rotoflex... Read More

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Epilog Laser Ranks Fourth in Best Places to Work Competition

Mar 19, 2010

Golden, Colo. - (Dec. 1, 2009) Epilog Laser recently announced the company ranked fourth in the Denver Business Journal's Best Places to Work competition. This is the third consecutive year Epilog has ranked among the top ten best places to work in the Denver metro area. In 2009, less than 25 percent of the finalists were returning companies from the 2008 competition and out of 30 Colorado... Read More

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Microfiber Cleaning System maintains healthy, safe environment.

Feb 26, 2010

Ensuring optimal cleaning for health, Rubbermaid HYGEN(TM) System includes textiles for dry and wet cleaning, Quick-Connect Handles and Poles for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, Flexi Frames(TM), which conform to shape of surface, and buckets and carts to optimize productivity. Textiles are built around 100% split microfiber, which traps and holds 95% of microorganisms. Bleach tolerant and... Read More

Textile Industry Products

Lightfastness Tester addresses textile industry needs.

Feb 17, 2010

Used for accelerated exposure testing of textiles, Xenotest® 220+ utilizes air-cooled xenon light source with rotating rack. Other features include intuitive control system, featuring European and Asian languages, and easy-insertion sample holders. Also provided, Atlas XenoTouch software offers remote control, E-Mail Service, and Online Monitoring add-ons. Uses include lightfastness testing... Read More

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Industrial Netting Announces the Addition of Woven Mesh Industrial Textiles

Feb 05, 2010

Minneapolis, MN - Industrial Netting announces the addition of woven mesh industrial textiles to its product offering. These woven fabrics offer finer openings than traditional extruded nets and expand material choices available to customers. Woven mesh fabrics are available in a broad variety of monofilament synthetic fibers or yarns, including nylon, polypropylene, and polyester. Weft or... Read More

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Catch Cloths Provide a Cleaner Environment

Jan 27, 2010

American Fabric Filter Co., Wesley Chapel, FL, manufactures catch cloths of 18 gauge vinyl for installation under conveyors in the food processing and baking indus-tries. Catch cloths prevent errant product from dropping onto other lines or being transferred throughout the plant; they facilitate plant cleanup by confining spillage in one area. AFF offers catch cloths with custom sizing and... Read More

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Industrial Netting Announces the Addition of Aperture Films and Woven Mesh Fabrics

Jan 22, 2010

Minneapolis, MN - Industrial Netting announces the addition of aperture films and woven mesh fabrics to its line of ultrasonically welded and laminated product offerings. These films and fabrics offer finer openings than traditional extruded nets. These unique meshes can be wrapped and ultrasonically welded to the outer surface of rigid mesh tubes to combine the structural support of extruded... Read More

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Sonobond Ultrasonics Offers a Wide Selection of Ultrasonic Bonding Machines for Woven and Nonwoven Textile Applications

Dec 23, 2009

Manufacturers look to Sonobond technology for reliable, environmentally-friendly assembly of medical disposables, automotive filters, body armor, evening gowns, blankets, and a host of other products. WEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania - Sonobond Ultrasonics announced today that it now has 10 machines, plus several modules for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), that provide fast, reliable, and... Read More

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Advanced Fire-Resistant Fabric Now Available in More Colors

Dec 22, 2009

Tent and awning owners and manufacturers don't have to sacrifice style or shade just to meet California State Fire Marshall Title 19, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-701) and Canvas Products Association International (CPAI-84) standards. High-performance, UV-resistant WeatherMax FR from Safety Components now comes in 10 attractive colors: Black, Burgundy, Captain Navy, Forest Green,... Read More

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Resin Coated Fabrics provide high tear resistance.

Dec 22, 2009

CHEMFAB XPS line of coated fabrics utilize specialty formulated resin blend to provide good release properties and chemical resistance, as well as high crease resistance, flex fatigue resistance, and conformability. Applications include release sheets and conveyor belting in textile, chemical, and industrial processing, packaging, and composite molding. Read More

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Flocked Fabrics use sublimation ink for colorfast images.

Nov 30, 2009

Available in 54 in. widths on polyester base in plain or textured finish, NFPA 701 passed VividHD(TM) flocked fabrics accept direct sublimation printing onto fiber to create colorfast, brilliant pictures, graphics, and patterns. They feature soft plush pile, are not pretreated or coated, and are washable. Suitable applications include banners, signage, draperies, contract fabrics, heat transfers,... Read More

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Multilayered Aluminized Fabrics enhance protective apparel.

Nov 18, 2009

Aluminized fabrics in Z-Flex(TM) MLA(TM) series is used for protective apparel worn by manufacturers of radiant heat resistant systems. MLA(TM) process incorporates 5-layer protective barrier and bonding system that delivers radiant reflectivity as well as moisture and vapor protection in addition to performance features offered by substrate fabrics, which include Zetex texturized fiberglass,... Read More

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Kevlar® Flexible Fibers strengthen industrial and auto applications.

Nov 10, 2009

Exhibiting strength, dimensional/thermal stability, and corrosion resistance, DuPont(TM) Kevlar® K29 AP (Advanced Performance) fiber can be used to strengthen and reinforce range of products for automotive, construction, oil/gas, and utility applications. Specific uses for this material, available in range of deniers, include tires, belts, and hoses as well as and ropes, composites, and electro... Read More

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Xenon Weathering Instrument supports 2-tier rack option.

Oct 29, 2009

Designed for textile market, Ci3000+ Fade-Ometer is available with 2-tier rack option that increases capacity to 3,422 cm². Dual-tier rack combines 2 sample holders in inclined configuration, providing irradiance uniformity across entire vertical exposure area. Each specimen opening is 4 x 14.5 cm, which offers space to take instrumental color measurements. Also, specimen holders have standard... Read More

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Multi-Unwind/Rewind System features cantilevered design.

Oct 29, 2009

Cantilevered Multi-Unwind and Rewind System offers auto edge control that is accurate to ±1 mm, and auto jog that allows material to automatically advance when pulled over load cell roll. System's auto run mode automatically unwinds start tension control when tension set point is reached. Configurable, PID-controlled product allows enable/disable, under/over-wind, tapering, and side-lay of each... Read More

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PV Module Durability Tester offers full-scale functionality.

Oct 01, 2009

Utilizing optimal environmental chamber and xenon solar simulation technologies, XR360 enables accelerated exposure testing of complete PV modules up to 1.9 x 1.4 m in size. Solution can reproduce synergistic effects of weathering factors in end-use conditions and is designed to run IEC tests not requiring light, such as the damp heat test. In addition to full climatic functionality, features... Read More