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Transit Authority Orders Larson Spring Tester

Aug 01, 2012

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. - A large, nationally known rail transit authority has ordered a FLASH 36 spring tester from Larson Systems Inc. Fabrication is underway at Larson's plant in Minneapolis. The tester, when built, will contain a 10,000-lb. load cell and be able to test springs up to 35,000 lbs. of force. The tester will be used for testing passenger car springs. The FLASH 36 has been on the... Read More

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Spring Testers include spring sorting capability.

Oct 28, 2011

By using sweeper, pneumatically powered 3-way sorter, and sorting capability of Pro Spring, Pro Material, or Pro Ultimate software programs, FLASH 11 and FLASH 24 sort each spring as it is tested. Operators plug in sorting parameters via touchscreen, place springs on testing plate, and let FLASH Sorting Package go to work. With optional foot pedal to start each test, process can reach testing... Read More

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Motorized Force Tester has full travel distance of 18 in.

Oct 21, 2009

Designed for product integrity testing in quality control, manufacturing, and R&D areas, Model ESM301L is customizable and meets elongation requirements for tensile testing of plastics, rubber, and other elastic materials. Tester is programmed and controlled via its front panel or via PC, using custom program or legacy Nexygen(TM) TCD control software. Other features include modular mechanical... Read More

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Force Tester features load capacity of 300 lbf.

Oct 01, 2008

Designed for product integrity testing in quality control, manufacturing, and R&D areas, Model ESM301 is suited for range of testing applications including spring testing, peel testing, tensile testing, wire pull testing. It may be programmed and controlled via its front panel or PC. PC control enables user to control unit through custom program or Nexygen(TM) TCD control software. Unit can be... Read More

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Zwick's Latest Tester Can be Spring Loaded

Jun 16, 2008

Date:19 March 2008 The range of applications for precision springs is extremely varied. They are used in electro-mechanical assemblies for the automotive, defence and aerospace industries, as well as in sports and leisure activities. Depending on the application, random samples are tested after manufacture or in some cases 100 % testing is necessary. At Wire 2008 Zwick exhibited a... Read More

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Spring Testing System provides 300% overload capacity.

Mar 26, 2007

Designed to perform testing on tension and compression springs and other spring-type products, motorized SF1390 Series features floor-standing design with 2 lead screws and 2 precision guide columns. Servo drive controls frame's loading crosshead for fully automatic load testing with speeds up to 1,000 mm/min. Available in frame capacities of 11,250 and 22,500 lbf, system automatically corrects... Read More

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Spring Testing System is designed for the automotive industry.

Sep 22, 2006

SF1491 coil spring load center testing system is designed to measure true force line vector in suspension spring. Dual column, servo drive load frame with 11,250 lbf max capacity contains Eccentricity Measuring System, which has ability to determine center of load on top and bottom of spring, as well as side loads, to generate analysis of spring under load. Partner(TM) software manages and... Read More

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Spring Tester features 1,000 lb capacity.

Nov 12, 2003

Spring Test System consists of TSF force measurement test stand, CG1000 digital force gauge with ±0.2% accuracy, digital travel display with 0.0005 in. resolution, and implements. It tests tension and compression of springs up to 17 in. long and over 8 in. in diameter. Tester features side-mounted hand wheel, rigid 3 x 3 in. column, removable steel loading surface, and solid metal base. Max... Read More

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Force Measurement Stand suits material and spring testing.

Mar 13, 2002

Model ES30, 200 lb manual test stand has maximum travel of 13 in. and travel rate of 0.05 in./handwheel revolution. Throat clearance is 3 in. Total dimensions are 6 in. W x 10 in. D x 22 in. H. Unit is available with optional 6 in. electronic linear travel scale. Removable base allows it to be used as part of larger systems. Stand is field upgradable to motorized version by installing optional... Read More