Survey Meters

Test & Measuring Instruments

Mobile Site Survey Tool measures noise levels.

Jul 01, 2010

Integrating compact computer and analysis software with data conversion unit, vibration sensor, and acoustic sensor, The WaveCatcher enables users to measure vibration and acoustic noise levels with push of button. Software can display 3 inputs simultaneously, manipulate display settings, record data as image or .csv file, and record detailed test notes with data. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

GPS Surveying System enables one-person operation.

Aug 01, 2007

Upgradeable to future satellite positioning systems, GPS900 RTK System includes 72-channel ATX900 GG GLONASS antenna with GNSS technology. It offers choice of controllers, including Leica RS900 with internal memory and Leica RX900c, which features ¼ VGA color display and removable CF card for data transfer. System is suited for foundation and drainage work, alignment stakeout, and instant... Read More