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Profile Measurement System measures spring pitch and diameter.

May 27, 2014

Featuring scanning laser micrometer mounted to linear actuator, Profile Measurement System measures enveloping diameter and pitch of springs, coiled tubing, and other corrugated or convoluted products. Linear actuator traverses length of spring and includes tilting fixture that allows micrometer to align with spring's exact pitch angle. For standard actuator, product lengths range... Read More

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Contour Measuring System allows 2D and 3D measurements.

Oct 02, 2002

Model PS200 Profile Scanner visualizes surface shape, which helps to obtain tangible information on function behavior of workpieces. Optical laser measuring technology provides probing up to 50 mm/s, capturing data quantity of up to 7,000 points/probing and up to 2,000 probings/surface. Integrated stray light sensors allow measurement angles up to 85°. XY stage has measuring range of 200 mm in... Read More

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Metrology Instrument measures surface forms.

Jun 25, 2002

Tropel FlatRuler(TM) 200 provides non-contact optical surface form measurements of flat surfaces on ground, blanked, stamped, turned, or molded components. Instrument's fringe projection illuminates entire surface of object, allowing non-contact, 3-D measurements of up to 250,000 data points with accuracy to 5 microns. Each system includes high-resolution color monitor, high-speed color inkjet... Read More