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Klein®’s HVAC Products come with backlit display.

Jul 13, 2017

Available in ET05 (Digital Pocket Thermometer) and ET110 (Carbon Monoxide Meter) types, Klein®'s HVAC Products are designed with HOLD button. Having measuring range of -40 to 482ºF with 0.1º resolution, ET05 thermometer comes with protective sheath and can measure Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures. Featuring MAX/AVG, SET, alarm and mute buttons, ET110 carbon monoxide meter detects and... Read More

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pH Meter utilizes digital electrodes.

Jan 07, 2014

Weighing less than 9 oz and measuring ½ in., Hanna Edge Meter uses digital electrodes to measure pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. CAL-CHECK® and Sensor Check functions warn user if electrodes are not clean, pH bulb is cracked, or junction of electrode is compromised. Instrument includes two USB ports, 5.5 in. LCD, capacitive touch buttons, benchtop cradle, and electrode holder. Read More

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Water Quality Testers have portable, handheld design.

Jan 20, 2011

Oakton pH 6+ Meters feature up to 5-point, pushbutton calibration with autobuffer recognition and display of pH or mV and temperature, while Ion 6+ Meters offer direct readout of ion concentration with preprogrammed calibration points. CON 6+, TDS 6+, and SALT 6+ Meters supply autoranging conductivity or TDS with temperature measurements, and DO 6+ Meters have galvanic probe that does not require... Read More

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Cardy Series ION Meters

Apr 16, 2010

Revolutionary flat sensor adds convenience The flat sensor built into Cardy's replaceable module makes the measurement in small samples and solids much more convenient. The recess acts as its own sample vessel, often eliminating beakers and bottles altogether. If replacement is ever needed, the sensor cartridge snaps in and out of the instrument at a touch. Integrated design couples economy with... Read More

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Conductivity/TDS/Salinity Meter aids routine quality control.

Jul 27, 2009

Featuring chemical-resistant, waterproof ABS plastic housing, Traceable® Conductivity/TDS/Salinity Meter is suited for severe lab or harsh plant environments. Features include ½ in. high LCD digits, dual display showing reading and temperature, HOLD button, instant-response probe, solid-state thermistor, and temperature compensation. Measuring 6½ x 1 2/5 x 1¼ in., unit weighs 2¼ oz... Read More

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Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter is microprocessor-based.

May 16, 2008

Model DOH-20D features digital LCD screen that can show dissolved oxygen (DO) in either mg/liter or percent of saturation and temperature simultaneously. Featuring memory storage and recall with data hold function, unit can store up to 16 sets of temperature and DO values. Device has low-battery and consumption indicators, and comes complete with sensor, 2 membrane caps, 20 mL of electrolyte,... Read More

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Dissolved Oxygen System features single-use design.

Mar 27, 2008

Consisting of disposable sheath, optical reader, and transmitter, TruFluor(TM) provides in-situ measurement of dissolved oxygen. Sheath can be pre-inserted in disposable bioreactor bag port, and irradiated with bag to preserve and guarantee sterile barrier. All wetted materials of sheath are USP class VI compliant. Optimizing reliability of sensor, transmitter enables automatic entry of... Read More

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Analog Devices, Inc. Selects Domosys' Power Line Technology

Oct 03, 2007

QUEBEC CITY, Sept. 12 / -- Domosys Corporation, a leading provider of Power Line Communication Technology, today announced that Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) and Domosys have entered into an exclusive Development and Distribution Agreement. Under this agreement Domosys will port its leading PowerBUS RHINO technology to ADI's new products and co-develop with ADI reference designs to enable electrical... Read More

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Multiplexer performs automated soil CO2 studies.

Jul 10, 2006

Available in 8- or 16-port configurations, LI-8150 Multiplexer is capable of assessing spatial and temporal variability in CO2 flux. It allows up to 16 chambers to be controlled by single LI-8100 Analyzer Control Unit, which can monitor total coverage area of up to 30 m dia. Weatherproof case protects internal solenoid valves, control electronics, LED indicator panel, and filter assemblies. Flash... Read More

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Portable Instrument continuously measures up to 5 gases.

Feb 07, 2005

Model X-am 7000 can be fitted with 3 electrochemical and 2 IR optical or catalytic sensors to simultaneously measure up to 5 gases. Available with choice of 25+ sensors, product is capable of detecting 100+ gases and vapors. Instrument features IP67 ingress protection and leak detection mode with ppm bar graph. Intelligent sensors feature EEPROM that stores information pertaining to gas... Read More

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Dissolved Oxygen Meter is self-cleaning and self-calibrating.

Oct 10, 2003

Aztec(TM) Series 5000 automated aeration basin monitoring system for wastewater treatment plants provides dissolved oxygen and mixed liquor suspended solids control. It features built-in data logging and remote communications and is capable of single, dual, or combined measurements. Unit incorporates pneumatic cylinder and shroud assembly for in-situ cleaning and calibration, and replaceable cell... Read More

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Suspended Solids Meter uses non-hazardous ultrasound.

Mar 26, 2003

Model 502 can replace nuclear type density meters. It provides LCD local readout of percent solids, 4-20 mA output, two set-point relays, and RS-232/485 serial port. Sonic transducers fit flush with pipe wall, eliminating intrusions into flow, which avoids fouling with stringy sewage sludge. Microprocessor is housed in NEMA 4X enclosure and features diagnostics, pushbutton calibration and dynamic... Read More

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Probe provides BOD analysis.

Feb 14, 2003

Dissolved Oxygen AUTO-STIR Probe works with Model 862A DO/BOD/Temperature Meter. Built-in stirrer provides vigorous sample agitation preventing oxygen stratification. Free standing probe stand functions as air calibration beaker and can store probe when not in use. Probe includes one-touch control, dual automatic temperature compensation, and low maintenance polarographic design. Read More

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Probe utilizes multi-beam technology.

Dec 03, 2002

Züllig COSMOS-25 provides suspended solids measurements. Able to be used in open channels or basins and pipelines, its multi-beam technology renders product less vulnerable to measurement discrepancies. Read More

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Dissolved Oxygen Meter features self-stirring probe.

Apr 03, 2002

Waterproof WTW 340i Series is available in field/lab sets that allow meter to be used for field dissolved oxygen (DO) and lab biological oxygen demand (BOD) measurements. Unit comes with field probe and StirrOx(R) self-stirring BOD probe. Probes can be interchanged and used immediately with no warm-up period required. Meter has automatic calibration, LCD display, real-time clock, RS232 interface,... Read More

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Dissolved Oxygen Meter uses polarigraphic type probe.

Feb 12, 2002

LCD digital meter is designed to measure dissolved oxygen in field or laboratory with DO accuracy of ±1.5% full scale and temperature accuracy of ±1% full scale. O2 measurement range is 0.00 to 19.00 PPM, and temperature range is 0.0° to 50.0°C. Both are displayed on 3.5 digit LCD readout with 1/2 in. high numerals. Meter includes automatic temperature compensation over range of 0°... Read More