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Mid-West Instrument has CRN 12564.5C for all Canadian Provinces

Nov 03, 2009

Where ever a CRN (Canadian Registration Number) is required for equipment produced in Canada or shipped into Canada, Mid-West Instrument has products to meet this requirement. A wide variety of models and materials are covered by a CRN for all of Canada. Contact our inside Sales Coordinators to assist you in selecting the most cost effective model and material for your specific CRN requirements.... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Test & Measuring Instruments

SMT Gas Discharge Tubes help optimize board space.

Nov 25, 2008

Surface-mount gas discharge tubes (GDTs) help protect high-speed xDSL modems, splitters, DSLAM equipment, AIO printers, base stations, and security systems from damage caused by overvoltage events. Compliant with various industry standards, products are available in 2- or 3-electrode versions and provide reliable, low-capacitance (0.5 pF min) protection for telecom/datacom applications. Key... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Gas Discharge Tubes protect sensitive telecom equipment.

Jul 27, 2004

Raychem Circuit Protection Gas Discharge Tubes (GDTs) protect telecom equipment from damage due to transient surge voltages that typically result from lightning strikes and equipment switching operations. Placed in front of and in parallel with equipment, they act as high-impedance component while not influencing signal in normal operation. In case of overvoltage surge, GDTs switch to... Read More