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Rail Car Weighing System improves yard efficiency.

Apr 15, 2016

With sensing zone length facilitating weighing, RailBoss™ eliminates guesswork of volumetric measuring and variable tare weights. Trains not being weighed can move across scale at normal line speed without affecting scale, and MS quick-disconnect cable connectors, which automatically release before damaging tension is reached, reduce maintenance/repairs. Installation – using existing ties... Read More

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Track Scale operates with minimal rail traffic interruption.

Sep 21, 2012

Installed directly onto track without need to cut or weld rails, Streamline weighs static or in-motion, full or 2 draft trains at up to 15 mph. Featuring Twin Strip Technology, scale ignores horizontal and torsional deflections, only measuring vertical forces of train wheels. Technology also absorbs dimensional imperfections in fixing method or rail itself, eliminating potential weighing... Read More

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Railroad Scale fits where conventional scales can't.

May 25, 2011

Integrated directly within rail, RailBoss(TM) enables scrap yards and agricultural operations to install their own in-house railroad scale for stationary weight verification of rail cars and other non-Legal-for-Trade needs. RailBoss pairs with 920i® Programmable Indicator/Controller and RailBoss software to offer capacities up to 320,000 lb. Scale is available in either 8 section full-draft... Read More

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Railroad Track Scales can weigh loads up to 170 tons.

Dec 07, 2010

Available in 12 ft 6 in., 15 ft, and 18 ft lengths with 7 ft 8 in. and 18 ft 5 in. platforms, pit-less, high-capacity modular Alliance/Rice Lake Survivor® PL railroad track scales are suitable for weighing carloads of rock at construction sites, coal at mines, and various railcar loads at loading docks. Featuring wide flange I-beam construction, NTEP approved units are compliant with AAR,... Read More

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SURVIVOR® PL Series Rail Scale Now in 25-Foot Legal-for-Trade Length

Jun 08, 2010

Rice Lake is now offering a 25-foot Legal-for-Trade design as part of the SURVIVOR PL Series of pitless railroad scales. When matched with other lengths in the series like the popular 12 foot 6 inch module and the only 15 and 18 foot spans available in the industry, the SURVIVOR PL Series holds the most versatile range of sizes to accommodate nearly any length rail car. For use with 115 and 132... Read More