Adaptable Presetter facilitates multipoint gauge setting.

Designed for workshop environment, TAR-AL setting bench simplifies setting of 2- and 3-point gauges. Adaptability to temperature variation ensuresÂ- precise setting during turning and grinding, and calibration certificate is provided for quality and ISO standards. If calibrated asÂ- Primary Setting Master, unit could be also used for in-house gage calibration.

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Nut Setter is suited for automotive applications.

Rivet Nut Setter installs No. 8 to Â-¼-20 steel and aluminum threaded inserts (rivet nuts) in sheet metal. It works anywhere nuts need to be installed, but where no access is available to back side. Able to get into tight spots, it can be used with air ratchet. User operates tool by extending Setter Slide; assembling bolt, washer, and rivet nut on Setter; and tightening Setter Slide bolt to...

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