Anti-fraud Printing Solution targets pharmaceutical industry.
Printing and Marking Services

Anti-fraud Printing Solution targets pharmaceutical industry.

RxTrackNSecure(TM) package of anti-counterfeiting and anti-fraud printing and packaging services guard against pharmaceutical product fraud. Offerings include holographic label coatings, taggants with supplied UV or IR for high security applications, and random serialization. Tamper evident packages constructed of frangible material can be provided, as well as security printing with microtext...

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FPGA-based Reference Design enables Video-over-IP service.

Based on Cyclone(TM) FPGA and Nios® II embedded processor, Video-over-IP reference design is applicable to any situation where high-speed transport of data over Ethernet is required. It can accept configurable number of MPEG-2 transport streams and encapsulate data for transmission over Ethernet. Design can also regenerate configurable number of transport streams using encapsulated data...

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Computer Services

Network Services allow seamless TDM-IP unification.

AccessNOW(TM) suite of advanced network services enable users to provide IP and TDM communications-based services via MPLS-based VoiceOne(TM) network without additional hardware or network builds. Virtual Switch Extensions (VSE) feature offers ability to provision and mediate services nationwide, while Voice IP Endpoint Migration (VEM) provides ability to provision IP endpoints for enterprise...

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Customer Service

Enhanced Information Service targets VoIP providers.

VoiceOne Information Service provides CLECs, IXCs, cable and wireless operators, ISPs, and resellers with private branded directory assistance service. It includes call completion options, last number playback/redial function, and capability to request list of businesses by category and location. Service also provides users with capabilities for SMS text messaging and email messaging as well as...

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Pump Maintenance and Repair Services

Repair Service handles all brands of vacuum pumps.

Service entails disassembly and removal of toxic materials, safe disposal of toxic materials, and cleaning and inspection of work surfaces. Wear items, consumable parts, elastomers, and filters are replaced. Service also includes rebuilding, testing, and re-labeling. Serviceable brands include Aerzen, Alcatel, Anest-Iwata, Balzers, Busch, CTI, Ebara, Edwards, Kinney/Tuthill, Pfeiffer-Balzers,...

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Crosslinking makes plastics suited for medical devices.
Crosslinking Services

Crosslinking makes plastics suited for medical devices.

Non-chemical crosslinking process transforms molded plastics formed from resins, such as polyethylene, into medical-grade products that provide non-toxic, 100% pure polymer alternative to medical-grade PVC. It enables medical device manufacturers to mold products using standard resins, without altering design or resin selection. Post-molded products are crosslinked with no alteration of shape,...

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Internet Software

Web Conferencing Service integrates Macromedia FlashPaper2.

PresenterNet integrates FlashPaper2 files from any source into contiguous online presentations, so that FlashPaper source documents appear as part of traditional slide group. Because Macromedia product can convert any printable document to Flash, PresenterNet users can include extra-large documents with traditional PowerPoint slides. FlashPaper files on PresenterNet offer each audience member...

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Internet Services

Online Service facilitates COBRA/HIPAA administration.

WebCOBRA allows administrators to perform full-function COBRA administration from any Internet-accessible PC. It offers users opportunity to change approach to COBRA administration, minimizing clerical work performed by administrator and allowing administrator to be relied on more for knowledge of COBRA best practices than for ability to do clerical tasks.

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